Skaven battle magic cards pdf. Winds of Magic - Total War: WARHAMMER Wiki. M OV E S A V E B R AV E Y W O U N D S M OV E S A V E B R AV. The Warhammer Battle Magic game contains rules, spells creatures, Chaos Magic, Skaven Magic, and Orc Waaagh The spell and magic item cards in this. Warhammer 8th ed Magic playsheet - Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for Warhammer Battle Magic - [ ] - Orcs & Goblins.

Skaven Battle Magic Cards Pdf

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Skaven: Must take Skaven Magic. If you have the spell cards published in Warhammer Battle Magic published by Games Workshop Cargo, , 78K. [ ], Corrida -, , K. [ ], Dark-lore spell, , 71K. There are Skaven (Customer Service), Chaos (Mail Order - hey, no surprise!), Dark Elves (Accounting?), .. in playing card style packs and are: Battle Magic.

So pretty much just like any other woman. Target suffers a number of hits equal to 2D6 minus his own strength. Soulblight: Your mage slaps the shit out of the soul of the enemy making him less strong and tough. When boosted, it works in a freaking 24 inch bubble so it can hit the whole enemy army, making even Chaos Knights into mere humans at least on S and T.

Very good, but often loses to more specialized Shadow hexes. Still, not a bad substitute to Withering when dealing with high-toughness foes. This effect lasts until the caster's next magic phase. Doom and Darkness: Cast this on the enemy general to take the LD bubble away. Specifically to give said enemy a -3 on their Leadership.

Make sure to cast on enemy with Okkam's Mindrazor and have them flip a table. Combine with Spirit Leech by rolling dice with one hand and holding out the FAQ with the other as a shield for incoming fury. The Fate of Bjuna: The last sniping spell and it's the strongest as the target suffers hits equal to 2D6 minus it's Toughness.

The bastard is gonna laugh until he explodes and if it miscasts the casting player may laugh until he explodes If target survives they get teh stupid for the rest of the game.

Cegorach's Loec's favourite spell, I bet. Just like that. Very difficult to cast, but when you pull it off correctly it can murder entire armies of Lizardmen , Dwarfs or Orcs ; this spell will make Ogre players what few there are consider quitting the game.

Cast with your last dice and laugh maniacally as it refills your dice pool with lore attribute! If you're a girly elf player, take 2 units of warlocks, take Khaine magic rules, take vanguard, take as many power dice as you can muster, take double purple sun down the enemy's line from both ends in turn one, take shrugging off pesky miscasts, take your opponents tears and DRINK DEEP then take the extra power dice you generate and try it again for lolz.

You wanna be one of them? This is your chance. A pure damage lore inflicting tons of firey hits on pretty much anything. Lore Attribute: siteflame: All of the Lore's spells are considering "flaming" no shit, right?

Each subsequent damaging Fire spell cast sets your site site on fire at the same unit in the same phase is easier to cast. Not great, but if you plan on destroying a big fat horde per turn - can be nice. Fireball: Your one-for-all damage spell goes from "easy to cast and not so hard to hit" to "hard as hell to cast and roasting a mammut You always want this spell, because you can use it against nearly everything.

From flaming a little flanking unit or flaming away this regeneration from this Hydra to turning entire Swordmaster units to ash or softening up this big big horde of core units. When you want Fire magic you want it because of this spell. Also, keep a level 1 Fire wizard. If your Wizard Lord somehow dies, pump all your useless dice into super-fireball each turn.

Cascading Fire-Cloak: A defensive spell only working on the mage and his unit. Not really worth it, since you don't want your mage in combat, except perhaps for Firebelly or Dragon Mage.

One of the few spell to help archers overcome their S3 bow weakness. The Burning Head: Your Mage throws a burning and screaming head on the enemy.

Mediocre damage in line and causes Panic Piercing Bolts of Burning: Fancy fireball, with number of hits scaling off target unit's ranks. Basically a spell to annihilate Goblins, Skeletons, Skavenslaves and Zombies. Fulminating Flame Cage: So now you imprison your enemy in flames and if he moves, he is toast.

Again against really big units its great against heavy cavalry its lame. But it's always funny to see a light flanking unit destroy itself in the charge because of this spell, or not flanking, so that you can win against the enemy in front. Note, this is a hex, so doesn't work with lore attribute. If you're a mega-douche, cast it on a unit in combat and then issue a challenge. Oh, you accept do you sir, good show! Now comecloser, move into base contact with me.. BAM, whole unit counts as moving!

Take those hits baby!

Take 'em. Oh I see Refuse the challenge then Flame Storm: Yeah big plates to throw, but only S4 and not really with sniper precision, so no thanks. Still, the name is cool. The Lore for everyone who wants to buff his units, especially the heroes. The Lore Attribute will mostly affect you if you play Beastmen or Bretonnia, but even then it's not so much of an effect.

Lore Attribute: Wildheart: Basically, your spells are easier to cast at cavalry, warbeasts or Beastmen. But still sub-par. It will make your measly humans go and win against other units and it will make your Bestigors or Minotaurs go rapetrain against nearly everything for one round. Another spell it is worth taking level 1 wizards for. The Flock of Doom: Yeah doom sounds nice, but it's only doom if your enemy is afraid of birds.

It is like a new episode of hitchcocks "the birds" with a few crows pecking on the enemy unit, good enough to make this stupid harpies go away but there are better options. Useless spell. It's one of the cheapest spells in the game, and has a decent range and range is boostable.

Sure, S2 is terrible Can be cast on one die don't forget the Wildheart bonus when applicable to deal with annoying chaff units. With some lucky 6s, you could even destroy a cannon. That said, you're still probably better off dropping this for Wildform. The Amber Spear: Magic, auto-hitting bolt thrower with pretty good damage. Can be boosted to start with S10 doing D6 wounds. Use in any situation you would normally use a bolt thrower monsters, elite units, etc.

The Curse of Anraheir: Making your enemy stumble over roots and die, is one funny thing to do, especially against these tree-loving wood elves except that they have Forest Strider so they don't take Dangerous Tests from forests Also it makes your people harder to hit, what more do you want?

Awesome spell.

The Savage Beast of Horrors: Yeah now we're talking. Giving one or more heroes way more strength and attacks and he will rip entire units in two. Really if you have a lot of cheap heroes and can make this spell hit them all at once its good-bye for your enemy. Especially awesome with the new end times rules: build an army out of characters, have one person cast panns impenetrable pelt and the Savage Beast And stack wildform if it is a unit and you will just win. Transformation of Kadon: What was that about more strength and attacks?

A Hydra? A Dragon?

A Chimaera? Everything is possible. Ok it prevents your mage from casting and also temporarily negates any gear carried- so byebye Talisman of Preservation!

Just remember - it can be dispelled, possibly leaving your mage in close combat, and all wounds are carried over - two wounds may not seem a lot for Chimaera, but will kill a hero-level mage.

Oh and it can be boosted, in case you want a statline that informs a star dragon it can fuck off and die. It is a nice, balanced lore, with enough support, defense and damage spells. Notably, it has separate attributes for each race and it has two signature spells you can choose either or both.

Stick a mage into a phoenix guard unit and they will never die. When an unsaved wound is taken by the unit or wizard , discard the token to prevent that wound. It's like proactive Life attribute! Lizardmen Lore Attribute: Contemplation: Successful High Magic spell casts allow the wizard to forget the spell he just cast and roll for a new spell from any allowed lore including High Magic; yeah, he can just pick a signature instead.

Very interesting and versatile option. You can start with High Magic Loremaster and quickly learn all the cool signature spells you want! Drain Magic: The first signature spell. An interesting spell. It dispels all active spell effects from the target unit friend or foe and can be boosted into a bubble. Pretty nice against high-cost spells, which are hard to dispel conventionally or to clear away the mess that Shadow wizard dumped upon your elite unit.

Soul Quench: The second signature spell. A most basic magic missile, 2d6 S4 hit, but can be boosted to 4d6 S4 hits, which should cause some concern for your target.

Skaven – 2019 new release info!

Apotheosis: Now we're talking. Restores 1 wound to the target d3 wounds if boosted and is extremely cheap even when boosted. Also grants the target Fear, but who cares about that?

Nice, cheap, etc. Walk Between Worlds: The target gains Ethereal and may immediately move 10 20, boosted inches. Not the worst spell ever, but overshadowed by almost everything here.

Tempest: Large round template, S3 hit, S4 against fliers, scatters d6 inches. Not bad, though nothing special. Arcane Unforging: Wounds like Lore of Metal spells roll on armor save , hits a single model, causing single wound. Ghal'maraz, Banner of the World Dragon if the initial hit gets through the ward save, that is , Armour of Destiny, any of Archaon's or Teclis's gimmicks - anything! Fiery Convocation: If you thinks you've seen horde-killing spells already, think agains. This beauty or horror, depending on your perspective causes a S4 flaming hit on every.

And it will hit again at the end of every. Cast it at the unit of Skavenslaves or Goblins and make sure that person will never ever play against you again. Dhar, the raw Wind of Magic, Lore of Dark Magic[ edit ] Technically, it is the same magic Vampires use in their lore, but different spells. Despite the fact it has two hexes and even an augment, this lore has just one purpose - to blast the almighty freaking crap out of anything and everything.

Once it was only available to Dark Elves, but now Wood Elves learned it too. Like High Magic, it too has separate lore attributes and two signature spells. Dark Elf Lore Attribute: Spiteful Conjuration: Successful Dark Magic spellcasts cause 2d6 or 3d6 bonus S1 hits to the enemy target if the casting roll contained any doubles or trebles.

Not bad. More damage is always nice. Damaging Dark Magic spells cast at the target consume these tokens to increase number of hits inflicted by d3. Not only does it simply boost damage, it also acts a sort of deterrent - the enemy may think twice before moving his precious elite unit with vengeance counter into your wizard's range. Power of Darkness: The first signature spell.

Awesome name, awesome effect. Secondly, it generates d3 dice. If 3 dice are generated, the wizard takes a wound with no armor save. Now, on levels it ain't easy to cast it with 1 dice casting value 8 , but on level 4 it is always worth a try. It is always nice to get more dice and get your sorceress killed.

Always take it on level 4 wizard. Doombolt: The second signature spell. Every magic missile's big brother. It deal 2d6 or 4d6 S5!

Pure DOOM! Though it ain't cheap for a signature. Chillwind: A weak S2 , cheap magic missile. Nice part is - it gives the target -1 to BS. Cast it with your last dice at those Waywatchers or Maiden Guard and laugh. Word of Pain: By Sigmar's balls, oh the horror! First of all, this cheap monstrosity gives the target -d3 to both BS and WS for 1 turn.

Secondly, it can be boosted for a minimal increase to give -3 to S and I! It basically turns absolutely any killing machine into a hamster for 1 turn. And now imagine dropping elite unit's WS to 1 and then slapping them with Bladewind Don't bother casting it at elves - use it on gobbos, slaves or undead and watch them get ripped to bloody shreds by a storm of flying swords.

Shroud of Despair: Target of this hex cannot benefit from general's or BSB's bubble, and any leadership check it fails causes a -1 penalty Ld for 1 turn. Not brilliant, but cast it on greenskins or beastmen and watch the fun!

And no, Skaven don't care for their general so much, they get their LD from their ranks. They love BSB though Soulstealer: A small plate of S2 hits with no armor saves. Seems useless? Wait for the nice part.

Now you can spam Power of Darkness all you want. In melee, if you want. Against enemies with multiple wound weapons, if you want. Vampires wish they were so immortal. Arnzipal's Black Horror: To quote another member here "Oh baby.

This thing is crazy. Like warpstone-laced cocaine.

Starts with small template, can be boosted to large. There is one major difference with the Purple Sun. PSoX tests I, which has most variable values among different units. ABH tests Str, which has low variance though few units have S lower than 3. Generally, ABH is more reliable. Spells in this lore all have pretty short range 12 inches. Summoning spells summon units from Undead Legions.

Note that summoned units can take any upgrades listed in their army books apparently, including any magic banners, magic items, mounts, etc. Under new undead rules, there's no more crumbling from dead general, so summoned undead are safe. However, they have to be within 12" of the general to march unless they're vampiric. Lore Attribute: Raising the Dead: Basically, every time you successfully cast a spell from lore of Undeath, you get a counter.

When casting summoning spells from this lore, you can choose to consume any number of counters to increase the point value of the summon by Pretty nice spell to both replenish forces and provide mobility. Sulekhim - the Hand of Dust: Coming back from the dead hah! While under its effect, he can forgo making all of his attacks, instead making a single attacks, which automatically wounds if it hits, causing multiple wounds 1d6 with no armor saves allowed.

If this spell kills a character in a challenge, the player gains 1d6 Raise Dead counter. Take it on high-WS vampire lord and watch the fun! You can even one-shot a Chaos Lord, if you are lucky!

The 9th Age: Fantasy Battles

For every point the roll exceed the Ld, the target takes 1 wound with no armor saves allowed - this is basically Casket of Souls in spell form. If at least one wound is caused, you gain 1d3 counters for the lore attribute. With low casting value, it easy way to ramp up some counters for summoning, though this is offset by its short range. Not boostable. Lore of Tzeentch[ edit ] The lore of the God of Hope.

Followers of Tzeentch - both daemon and mortal - are able to harness spells from this lore, although each with different attributes. Despite Tzeentch's apparent inclination towards subtlety and planning, all but one spell from this lore is dedicated to devastating enemies with multicolor lightning bolts and brightly-hued firestorms. There are a few things to note about spells from this lore. All the damaging spells i.

Keep in mind however, that you take a characteristic on the highest value within the unit, so be mindful of where you are aiming your Tzeentchian fires. Also, you take the Warpflame test at the end of the phase and not for each spell cast. Warpflame is also not flaming, so it won't negate the regeneration you're giving your target. This means that Tzeentchian damaging spells are generally best against smaller units that can be cleared out quickly or simply devastated past the point of usefulness rather than big blocks that can take some casualties and happily gain regeneration for everyone else on top of that.

Warriors of Chaos Lore Attribute: Boon of Magic: When a spell is successfully cast, for each 6 rolled on the power dice, the wizard gets to add a power dice to his pool. Kinda useless considering if you roll multiple 6s, you are miscasting and will probably lose more dice than you gain, not to mention the other effects These extra models do not grant extra victory points.

Blue Fire of Tzeentch: The Tzeentch signature spell. A 24" magic missile that deals d6 strength d6 hits. Can be upgraded to 48". Very random, so it could either be destructive or ineffective. It has a very low casting cost even the upgraded version , so your Pink Horror units can feasibly get this off on one or two die. Good against low toughness chaff e. Goblin Wolf Riders, Ellyrian Reavers, etc. Treason of Tzeentch: This is a very potent hex that targets the enemy's leadership.

Could be used to great effect with Terror charges with all the monsters Chaos has access to. Still effective against Undead and Daemon armies, because of crumbling and Daemonic Instability respectively. Pink Fire of Tzeentch: A teardrop template that has d6 strength and goes a distance equal to a roll on the artillery dice. Arguably better on a highly mobile caster, such as a Lord of Change or a Sorcerer on a Disc, than a footslogger, because you really need a flank to maximize the damage on this spell.

Bolt of Change: A direct damage spell that acts much like a bolt thrower, but imagine it shooting energy that causes spontaneous mutations on the enemy.

Like a bolt thrower, it penetrates ranks, ignores armor, and does d3 multiple wounds. This is a valued spell as it answers the question of highly armored units. Glean Magic: You and an enemy wizard roll off, adding your wizard levels to the result. If you lose, aside from being disappointed, nothing really happens.

If you win or draw you get to punch the wizard with a strength 3 Warpflame hit, he loses a wizard level along with a random spell that wizard knows , and your caster gets to steal that spell.

Tactically speaking, target your opponent's lower level wizards to ensure you win the roll-off- especially if it's a token Fire mage, so you can steal a fire spell and negate the regeneration caused by Warpflame. Tzeentch Firestorm: Rain fabulous fire on your enemies.

Skaven: Must take Skaven Magic. Beastmen shamans must take Dark Magic. The wizard may keep as many as he or she or it has levels and must return the rest to the spell deck. A spell can only be present once in the same army. If more wizards use the same lore, the wizard with the highest level is dealt spells first.

Wizards with lower levels are not dealt spells until the spells discarded by higher-level wizards are returned to the spell deck. If several wizards with the same lore have the same level, it is up to the player to choose which wizard is being dealt first. Otherwise you should roll a ten-sided dice and consult the summary of spells.

In fact, you might like to refer to the summaries whether you use the spell cards or not, since the summaries include the extra spell commentaries from the Warhammer Battle Magic supplement, information not included on the spell cards. Special rules and magic items may grant further magic cards, some that can only be used by a specific wizard. If there are no wizards at all present on the battlefield or the wizards present either are fleeing or hiding from a challenge there is no magic phase.

Note that a wizard wearing armour or wielding weapons that require two hands cannot cast spells. Used cards enter the discard pile. When all cards are spent, re-shuffle the deck. During the magic phase, the players take turns taking an action, starting with the player whose turn it is. An action can be attempting to cast a spell or dispelling a spell in play.

Dispelling a spell in play: any wizard may attempt to dispel a spell in play anywhere on the table. Any wizard may attempt to cast the same spell once per magic phase. Discard as many power cards as required to power the spell. The spell is cast unless the opponent dispels it.

It is possible to make several attempts to dispel the same spell. Each wizard may make one attempt against each spell cast. Many magic items and other special rules grant a so-called natural dispel. If a unit is protected by more than one natural dispel you get a dispel attempt for each natural dispel the unit possesses.

In case of spells with a large area of effect, a natural dispel is allowed for all units that will be affected. Usually the natural dispel attempt is made before the spell is cast and before you start spending dispel cards. In this case, do not take the natural dispel until the spell actually comes into contact with the unit containing the natural dispel.

If all else fails, the last possibility is using a Dispel Magic Scroll scrolls are one use only, but wizards are allowed to carry several Dispel Magic Scrolls. In Warhammer Renaissance a Dispel Magic Scroll can both prevent a spell from being cast and stop spells already in play.

Non-wizards may be able to cast spells with the aid of magic items. Such spells are called bound spells, and such items are called bound items.

Bound spells are cast for free often with a limit to how many times they can be used. Incantation of Summoning - 12" Augment Each model in target enemy unit must take an Initiative test. Those that do Target own Undead unit has a number of wounds worth of models restored, not pass must fail an armour save or die, no saves.

Does not affect Flyers, up to its starting size. Guard D6, and all other targets D3. Characters and their chariot mounts are 5.

Curse of the Leper 10 18" Hex targeted separately. Target unit suffers -1 Strength and -1 Toughness. At the beginning of every Vampires 39 friendly magic phase they are reduced by an additional Only affects the crew and mounts for war machines and chariots.

Remains in Play. Invocation of Nehek 4 18" HtH 6. Raise Dead 5 12" Tzeentch Choose a point after casting and place a Zombie model there, forming up 1. Pandaemonium 8 - HtH 3. Curse of Years 8 18" HtH 4. Treason of Tzeentch 9 24" Each model in target enemy unit rolls a D6. Does not affect mounts or joined characters. Does not Remains in Play. May cause a Panic test.

Wind of Undeath 12 - HtH 5. Place a new Spirit Host unit within 12" of the caster with wounds with Chaos armour and shield worth VPs. Remove it without awarding equal to the wounds caused. VPs when the spell ends. Summon Undead Horde 12 - 6. On a Strength of 11 or 12 remove across any number of friendly units or characters as per Invocation of the unit from play instead, no saves.

Vampires, Ethereals and non-infantry may only gain one wound per Slaanesh casting. If the target takes any casualties it may not Bestial Surge 7 6" move in its next movement phase.

Hellshriek 7 18" unit or straight ahead otherwise.

Warhammer Fantasy Battle - Magic Cards, all miniatures

Each enemy unit in range must take a Panic test. Viletide 7 24" Magic Missile 3. Devolve 9 12" the start of each player turn. Each enemy unit in range must pass a Leadership test or suffer a number of 4. Titillating Delusions 8 24" wounds equal to how much they failed the test by, no armour saves.

In their Movement phase, target enemy unit that not Immune to Psychology 3. Bray-scream 10 12" must move directly towards a designated point anywhere in their LoS. If Target friendly character may make a breath weapon attack with S3, no they move into contact with an enemy unit, they count as charging. Ends armour saves. Traitor-Kin 10 12" HtH 5. Aura of Acquiescence 9 18" Augment Each enemy model within range that is mounted, a chariot or monster Target unit gains Fear, or if it already has it, Terror.

Ecstatic Seizures 12 24" 5. Lasts until the end of the following player turn. Savage Dominion 16 - Place a new friendly Giant, Gorgon or Jabberslythe at any point on a table edge, counting as if it had returned from pursuing off the board. As long as it is in play the caster may not attack, cast or dispel spells.

If the caster dies, remove it from play. If the monster takes a wound, the caster must pass a Toughness test or also take a wound, no saves. The monster counts for its normal VP value. Daemonic Tzeentch 61 Ruin 78 1. Flickering Fire of Tzeentch 4 18" Magic Missile 1. Caster or target friendly infantry character in range may move to anywhere 2. Glean Magic 7 - LoS 2.Lizardmen Lore Attribute: Contemplation: Successful High Magic spell casts allow the wizard to forget the spell he just cast and roll for a new spell from any allowed lore including High Magic; yeah, he can just pick a signature instead.

Remains in Play. If several wizards with the same lore have the same level, it is up to the player to choose which wizard is being dealt first. The Flock of Doom: Yeah doom sounds nice, but it's only doom if your enemy is afraid of birds.

The key points so far are: all the Clans are in the book — Clans Skryre, Pestilens, Moulder, Verminus, Eshin and the Masterclan Each of the Clans has its own allegiance abilities, but you can also combine them as one army.

S10 hit, the caster may not roll for Look Out Sir. Target suffers a number of hits equal to 2D6 minus his own strength.

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