Silva Life System Text Transcript - Ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read book online. The Silva UltraMind System is about discovering your purpose in life and using your .. The Centering Exercise is the Basis for the Entire Silva Training System. 4. Introduction: Welcome to Silva Life System Kaileen: Welcome to the Silva Life System. You are about to embark on a journey of the mind. We're going to.

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Laura Silva Quesada and Kaileen A. Sherk. . The Silva Method it is all about gaining more control over your brain .. integrated into the Silva Life System. Also, to see in what others ways the Silva Method can help you by giving The Silva Life System is the first part of the complete Silva Method. The Silva Life System is our bestselling multimedia home training program that trains Most 'mind empowerment' systems and techniques focus on a form of rigid, .. That's why on top of the audios and videos, we've included this handy PDF.

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The Silva Method Practice is about using these frequencies. Other information in this program could challenge the way you currently think about things. Maybe you want to get more in touch with your intuitive side. Have you ever gotten a great idea just as you're falling asleep at night? Or have you ever been daydreaming and found that you feel more rested and alert afterwards?

If so. Some stuff you're going to hear is going to sound great and it's going to resonate right away.

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It's going to make a lot of sense and it will feel like a practical way of making changes in your life. You may need to reconsider or think about it a little bit more. Core Value Number Nine is that you have all the resources you need to do this.

You will find the right way to integrate meditation and mind power into your life in just the right ways. It matters 'how' you do this program. Maybe you just want something new and exciting in your life. Sometimes key information will just start to make sense to you as you progress. And you will have every opportunity to practice every single technique with guidance from the programming.

Laura and I will be guiding and teaching along the way. So remember to pay attention to the feedback. When you are empowered to use Silva at work or in conversation or while in line at the supermarket. But unlike other programs. You are starting a learning process. True empowerment. I will then ask you to take three deep breaths.

In the short exercise that follows. The third slow and deep breath will be to feel or experience the calm and peaceful qualities of your inner self. And that's what's referred to as a point of reference.

Make sure your breaths are deep and fill your belly. You will begin by sitting comfortably on a chair with your feet flat on the floor. The first slow. Functioning at Alpha is actually quite easy to achieve.

This sound is a combination of musical notes. Refrain from shallow upper chest breathing. Keep your breathing during the exercises slow.

The second slow. I will guide you. I will ask you to close your eyes. This is so you can eliminate most of the external stimulus and because focused eyesight requires high Beta brain frequencies to operate it. You will notice a soothing binaural sound in the background. Upon closing your eyes. Take a few moments to think of a scene that makes you feel tranquil and passive and you can use for this breath. We call this sound Dreamscape. At that point. Once the solution After answering those questions.

Then you will ask "how can I best handle the situation? Think about it for a few moments and then concentrate on positive solution images and feelings of achievement. It is recommended that you listen to the exercise with eyes open before you do it with eyes closed. To make the most of this exercise. Recognize if you're feeling anger or fear. And then separate yourself from that core experience and that younger.

What comes to mind? Feel your body shifting internally and recognize where in your body you feel the first signs of stress setting in. Before we do the exercise. What am I really worried about? What am I really afraid of? Or why does this situation make me angry? And what are the basic characteristics of this feeling: Although it is not necessary for the effectiveness of the exercise.

Then I'm going to ask you to take a deep breath and say "relax and be calm. Doing this. This formula provides a checklist to help you stay the course with reminders of where to place your focus for successful manifestations. Tony Estrada and Joan McGillicuddy. The formula has four different steps. The Roadmap to Success was developed by psychologists Drs. The third step is to go beyond your limiting beliefs. The second is to think of what you want and only what you want so as to not waste time on anything else.

I'm Laura Silva Quesada. Now let's get ready for the exercise. Lesson on Transforming Stress Laura: And welcome to the Silva Life System. The first step is to manage stress effectively. I'm excited and honored to be a part of your journey into your life and mind. We are going to begin this journey with a four-step process called The Roadmap to Success. Tony and Joan saw the need in their Silva students for a clear and foolproof formula that encapsulated the how-to's to successful living.

Each one of these steps is an element of good living and healthy goal achievement. And the fourth is to use more of your brain and mind and be empowered with tools and techniques that help you solve more problems.

The formula is great for keeping you on your path and queuing you in to exactly what you need to do as you set your goals. There is such a thing as good stress. Everybody reacts to stress at some point in time or another. All those different factors influence your reaction to stress. I'll be explaining this great and effective formula in detail and providing you with practical. The main goal we want to achieve here is to convert the reaction to stress into a response.

Every time you experience stress. Let's start with the first step: When you experience stress. We all know that we experience stress day in and day out. When people go through all those physiological changes in their body. And that reaction to stress is pretty much based on how you think. And stress is not necessarily a bad thing. It's only a bad thing when you can't manage it effectively. And most people react to stress in a somewhat similar way. In the tracks to come. The good stress motivates you.

We want to focus more on how to manage the so-called bad stress. When stress sets in. It's that nauseating feeling in your stomach. That's the way I react. You can help it because you are in full control of your reaction. Because too many times we experience stress for things like misplaced keys or when you're running late for an appointment.

I can't help it. You can respond to it instead. That's just the way I am. Because once we add more consciousness to the mix. And while none of those things are dangerous or threaten our survival. And when you respond with ability. By becoming aware of this. And we're doing this for things that don't merit it. In When you learn to do this. It is helpful to recognize where you experience the first signs of stress in your body.

And the emotions of anger and fear always lead to stress. And when that happens. And what used to be the fleeing part is now expressed as fear another emotion.

When a core experience is triggered. Because most of the time. And what used to be the fighting part is now expressed in anger. What we need to understand is that the fight-or-flight response has evolved through time alongside us.

And if we dig deeper under the surface of our stress. So anger and fear have now replaced fighting and fleeing. I find that most stress is triggered by emotional factors such as abandonment.

The real questions that beg to be asked are what are you so angry about and what are you so afraid of? Or better yet. We no longer have to run away from dangerous beasts or fight with another to survive. These are core experiences that trigger stress. Now these are emotions we're talking about. The interesting thing to note is that as a race we have made it.

Or is it that you're a big control freak and want everything to go your way or else you're going to get really upset and begin stomping and pouting and insist on everything going your way. I'm being left alone are filling your head? Or is it rejection?

From business to wellness to the arts…

You don't want me. You don't like me. I don't have the skill or knowledge to make it happen. How many times are you going to make your heart beat faster. I'm not resourceful enough. I'm weak. I'm helpless. So whenever you feel stressed. Or is it the experience of hopelessness where thoughts like oh.

Is it that all of a sudden you're experiencing the sense of abandonment and thoughts like you're leaving me. We also say we're afraid of things that we really aren't afraid of. I'm not being accepted for who and how I am. Or helplessness. Researchers say the top two killers in our society are heart disease and cancer: Yet even with those menial things. I can't do anything about it. I can't do anything right. Neutralize it and move on in a more positive direction.

Stress affects our overall living experience. Interrupt the pattern. By learning the tools and techniques in the Silva Method Program.

What Is Included In This iWorkshop…

But you need to be mindful that when it is triggered. It can really hurt our immune system and that can lead to serious illness. In the Silva Method you're going to learn many different ways to identify and release stress from your body and.

So when you feel or experience stress setting in or coming on. So be mindful of stress as it sets in. By doing that. Because anything that's triggered has to do with your past. The transformation stress now exercise can be done on the spot the moment you feel angry.

When you set off a core experience. And what results is the younger you handling a situation it's not equipped to handle. When you become aware of that happening and stress is setting in. Is it the adult you or is it the younger. I want to remind you that the fight-or-flight response has evolved through time and now what has replaced it are the emotions of anger and fear.

Get to the root cause. Relax your back and spine.

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To help you relax. Relax your knees. Relax your calves. You are now at a deeper. Relax your shoulders. Once the solution image is created. Relax your eyes and the tissues surrounding your eyes. Relax your abdominal area externally and internally. Relax your neck and throat. Transform Stress Now Exercise Laura: Find a comfortable position. Relax your feet. Relax your face. I'm going to direct your attention to different parts of your body.

Any scene that makes you feel tranquil and passive helps to relax your mind. Release whatever pressure or tension may be lingering. Close your eyes. Relax your scalp. Let it go and relax. Relax your forehead. Take a slow.

Take another deep breath and while exhaling. Continue breathing slowly. Do that now. Relax your thighs. Concentrate on positive solution images and feelings of achievement.

Now ask "how can I best handle the situation? Or why does this make me angry? Once identified. In a moment. Once again. Identify what core experience is being triggered. As you experience this stressful memory. Recognize if you are feeling anger or fear. Is it abandonment or rejection. Relaxed in body and relaxed in mind.

Imagine stepping into the solution image and allow your body. Make a point of reference of how it feels to be so deeply relaxed. Then mindfully separate yourself from that core experience and that younger. Let's start with the first component: Lesson on Crafting Your Dreams Laura: The second step to the Road Map to Success is to think of what you want and only that. This lesson will outline the Five Elements of Crafting an Outcome.

Your goal. And you say. I don't want to be in this job anymore. I don't Knowing what you want is the foundation for healthy and happy living. It is also a key element in successful goal achievement and dream manifestation. At the end of the trip you may want to feel relaxed. If you say. Either way. Now open your eyes and take the appropriate action. Some goals are tangible like. Your ultimate goal may not be a location or a thing. Deciding what you want can be like planning a trip.

Even if you are the spontaneous type. When planning a trip. Here's a word to the wise. Become aware of what you'll be like when you have this goal.

The second component is to find the devil and get him out of the details. Be as specific as you can. A common problem for people who are not specific is that they get close to their goals. Let's say Our minds work the same way.

These days we are very lucky when we are traveling. By writing down your goals. I often hear people say. If you are not able to Google what your future's going to be like. This is stated in a positive tense. Where will you be? What will you be doing? Who will you be with? When will this happen? Don't worry too much about the how right now.

I know what I want. Let's say you write down that you want a new job.

Silva Life System Replacement Manual

Can you image the confusion of the travel agent? How could they possibly book tickets?

The possibilities of where you do not want to go are endless. The most important thing is to focus on the end result and right at the very end I expect this. Not everyone writes down his or her goals. I get along with the people I work with. For example: Even though you want to create a new and bright future.

I have freedom to travel. When creating a goal statement make sure that your goal is something that you can start and achieve on your own. It helps to create goals that you can plan and execute on your own. I want this or better than this.

My job allows me to live my passion. You obviously need to be more specific about what you really want. A good example of a statement that is initiated and maintained by itself is: I am finding new ways to be happy in the workplace. The fourth component is to get the best of both worlds. This may seem like an obvious statement. A great example is: I want a job that is fun.

The third component is to chart your own course. In this part. It is just important that your goal is something you are empowered to achieve on your own. What is the silver lining in your current situation? Do you have a lot of freedom? Does your current job have a lot of security?

Does your current situation provide you with great connections? Once you have determined what your silver lining is. There is something that is good about your current situation. The final component in determining your outcome statement is: Even if your life seems bad right now. This simply means that you step back from your thinking. You can asked questions.. Or should I say every cloud has a Silva Lining. Now that you have formulated a solid goal statement.

Is my goal healthy or unhealthy? Does it enhance my life or does it create limitations? Does it empower me or does it dis-empower me? Does my goal When we're moving towards a goal. Imagine it in full detail. If your goal is about finding a new job. Does it bring out the best in me or does it sabotage my efforts? You run an ecology check to avoid repeating what does not work. Once you have your outcome statement clearly defined. Let's say that you discover in your ecology check that you don't feel empowered or inspired in your job.

I am empowered in the work place. This is especially true when desiring a better life. You can't possibly keep doing the same things you have always done in your life and expect a different outcome. For change to happen. If you discover some new information from asking these questions. You will have limited time to answer all your questions. You may listen to it with headphones for a more complete experience.

Keep in mind this exercise can be used any time you want to create a goal statement. The processes will begin with a brief relaxation exercise to activate your imagination and your desires. Releasing and relaxing tensions and Preparation to Outcome Exercise Laura: Outcome Exercise Laura: Then you will be guided through a series of questions.

In this exercise. You can choose any goal now. Be sure to have your workbook. Enjoy the exercise. We recommend starting with the outcome you want from the Silva Life System. Maybe you notice bigger components. As you relax your chest externally and internally. At this time think of what you want. Take another deep breath. Is it related to career? This program? Some other area of your life? Imagine what you will look like when you have this goal achieved. Are you happy?

Who are you with? What are you doing? When is this happening? Where are you? Pretend that you can see all the important details of the situation. Relax your eyes. It's a wonderful feeling to be deeply relaxed. Any scene that make you feel tranquil and passive. Notice what is no longer part of your life. Allow yourself to pretend for a moment that everything is prefect in this scenario.

Make any adjustments that you need to make. You have 30 seconds. You have achieved it. Be sure to state it in a positive tense. You will now have 30 seconds to revise your original goal statement. Be sure to add the phrase. What will you be like? When do you want this? You have one minute. Open your eyes. While you may have gotten help along the way. What is the silver lining for you now? Grab your writing tools. Notice what is still in your life. Revise or rephrase your goal to make sure that it is completely achievable by you.

From this place of achievement look back into the past and notice any key factors that helped you get to where you are now. How is your goal going to affect the world around you? How will it affect you? Take a few moments to reflect on your goal. From now on. For more information of our course schedules and locations. Be sure to download Silva Meditation Apps that may be compatible with your Smartphone. The third step to the Road Map to Success is to go beyond your limiting beliefs.

Now do an ecology check. You will now have 30 seconds to revise your goal statement. When you are done. When we talk about personal beliefs in the Silva Method. Is everything aligned? If you see any red flag. Feel free to close your eyes. The consequences of if we know something to be true. All of us have beliefs statements that we stay casually or more deeply that reflect these deep gritted programs.

These imprints evolve into a set of expectations. Beliefs are usually created early in life during the formative years when influential people in your life. Beliefs can be useful or not so useful. Deciding what is a personal belief and if it's limiting or not. It becomes a statement of fact that creates your reality. Beliefs are like deep gritted guidelines that direct our lives in unconscious way. Many of our beliefs are both resourceful and limiting. How does it influence your identity?

A belief is a statement you say to yourself about something that you assume to be true. We exert tremendous impact on our lives and our identity.

They operate at the subjective. Based on that definition. Beliefs help to ground our understanding of the world we live in. You'll find these questions in your workbook.

After putting some thought to your answers. What is lacking in your life? What are you making excuses for when it comes to why you lack what you do? To what or whom do you point the finger of blame for your lack? What are you yearning for? What kind of attitudes do you have? Are they mostly positive or negative? What stirs up fear in you? What makes you angry? What situations cause you to over react? What holds you back from taking action?

What do you find yourself setting for. Start by being mindful of the answers to the following question. Do you get stuck in power plays with family. Is perfectionism holding you back? Do you procrastinate? Do you have negative expectations? Do you have weak boundaries? Are your habits supporting you or sabotaging you? Do you have long held secrets? What are they? Why have you held them for so long?

How is the quality of your life. Is this true for every person in the world? What role does your ego play in everything that you do?

Feel free to spend a little more time reflecting on. What does it take for you to be rich? How much do you love. Write down why you doubt yourself. I would make more money. If your belief is money comes from working hard. How satisfied are you with this situation? If you're happy. Some have inherited money. You can also determine a limiting belief by noticing what you're making excused for in the areas of life. It may be in many circumstances. It's time to pay attention to those limiting statements.

Another way to determine a limiting belief is to think about the goal statement you created earlier. What you discover is more than likely pointing to a limited belief. Do you feel like you goal is possible? How much doubt do you have about achieving. Statements like: I would be happy if it wasn't for my job. The statement: I personally know a few people who have an abundance of money and don't have to work very hard at all.

This disease has no good outcome in sight. Why is that? Is there something about her boss. You may discover your beliefs are so contextual. I'm not good enough? Being that the opposite of the belief statement is true at home. As recommended by best selling Author and Spiritual Teacher. The questions go a little like this: Is my statement.

We reinforce strength and come to own our beliefs with constant repetition. Byron Katie of The Work. Most of the time. Is what I believe of myself really true. Once you uncover your beliefs.

When I believe that thought or statement how do I react? What happens? What has this belief or thought cost me? What has it kept me from being or having? Who would I be without this belief or thought? Are there times in my past when the opposite of my belief was true? In other words.

The first step is to acknowledge the belief by bringing to mind something that you believe limits you in any area of your life. The second step is to get to the root cause by allowing your intuition to mentally take your back to the time and place where you first heard or got such a belief.

You can change. The remainder of your beliefs. Preparation to Beliefs Exercise Laura: Author Harry Adler says. The big message here is change your beliefs and you will change your life. Step four. Allow your imagination to recall the circumstances as vividly as you can. Step three. Step one. Step two. That ticking sound we call the theta sound. This experience both energizes the new belief. Releasing and relaxing tensions and pressures along the way.

Relax your eyes and the tissue surrounding your eyes. Let's get ready for the exercise. Changing Limiting Beliefs Exercise Laura: In the exercise. Step three is meant to inspire you by opening yourself to the many missed opportunities that have resulted from this limited belief.

You will notice that the sound used in this exercise. The last step is to experience a new belief by using your imagination to first create the desired situation in your awareness. In your imagination. I'm going to call attention to different parts of your body. An understanding of your beliefs. Know that your awareness is directed.

Many negative. Positive and resourceful In this exercise you will be examining your beliefs. Your personal beliefs are the most important aspect of how you have lived. Relax your abdominal area. As you relax your chest. Make a point of reference of how it feels to feel so deeply relaxed.

Relaxed in body. You are using the power of your inner-self to energize. Allow you intuition to mentally take you back to the time and place where you first heard. To bring about new conditions. Take some time now to focus in on this belief you're going to change. To recognize a limiting belief. You can. Acknowledge the fact that this belief. Do it now.

You have now recognized a belief that has limited you. Become strongly aware as to how this belief makes you feel. Show yourself what this belief has kept you from doing. Your awareness now goes to the exact level to experience and benefit from the positive actions you are taking.

Recognize how this belief. Be aware you are controlling the event. Sense the experience in as many ways as you can. Every time you use your mind.

Eyelids remain closed. You can visualize. You now can. You mentally. You can always change any aspect that you do not like.

You become increasingly aware of the potential in using your mind to help you in the enjoyment of living. As you continue to breathe deeply. Take time now to subjectively enjoy and experience this creation knowing you have already started it happening. Be sure to download Silva Meditation apps that may be compatible with your Smartphone. You increasing realize that you are primarily responsible for the control of. Your brain's many neurons are always pulsing at some frequency throughout your entire brain.

Hypo Gamma. Neurons function by continuously firing energy. What we want to learn to do here is to slow down our brain frequencies into the Alpha and Beta Region.Using Silva tools and techniques that have been perfected over 5 decades, you too could unleash the high-level intuitive potential you were born with.

Intuition is valuable for students and adults alike. Each one of these steps is an element of good living and healthy goal achievement. The result is deeper transformation and a more immersive experience. Chapter 4:

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