We've selected a few of our favorite fresh, delicious menu items to give you a taste See what's cooking where you are, including specials, features, and prices. PAPPADEAUX FAMILY PACKS. VALUE PACK #1 Seniors, 62 or over, enjoy lunch menu prices all day. LUNCH To find a Pappadeaux near you, go to . Each Pappadeaux location has its own special To-Go menu, designed to offer you the best lunch or dinner options made with the freshest ingredients. And don't .

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Up to date Pappadeaux prices and menu, including breakfast, dinner, kid's meal and more. Find your favorite food and enjoy your meal. Pappadeaux Family Packs. Value Pack #1 (Serves 4). . Seniors, 62 or over, enjoy lunch menu prices 7 days a week. Indicates New Items. Soup, Salads &. Pappadeaux Seafood Kitchen has been serving up the finest and freshest seafood around for more Seniors, 62 or over, enjoy lunch menu prices all day.

Glazed Cedar Plank Salmon — fresh catched salmon fillet broiled on smokey cedar plank with fresh asparagus, and topped with sweet and spicy mustard glaze. Texas Redfish Pontchartrain — pan grilled fresh redfish with jumbo lump crabmeat and shrimp, smothered with brown butter wine sauce, and served with dirty rice.

Crispy Atlantic Salmon, Shrimp and Octopus — well seasoned fresh salmon, shrimp and octopus seared to crisp perfection, served on top of potatoes and asparagus in light lemon butter sauce.

Pappadeaux Seafood Kitchen Menu Prices

Seafood Cobb Salad — fresh and crisp iceberg lettuce and spinach mixed with Applewood smoked bacon, blue cheese crumbs, fresh avocado and tomatoes, all tossed in their house made vinaigrette, and topped with fresh jumbo crab lump meat and shrimps. Why Eat at Pappadeaux Seafood Kitchen? Pappadeaux Seafood Kitchen serves only the freshest seafood catch so you can be sure that every dish delivered on you table are at its best quality with outstanding flavors.

Pappadeaux Seafood kitchen prices are reasonably priced in exchange for their exceptional food, warm and inviting atmosphere and exceptionally attentive staff. To learn more about Pappadeaux or to find a location near you, visit their website at pappadeaux.

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Scroll for more. View More Seasonal Options Maine Lobster Known as the king of the crustaceans, lobster is an important New England seafood delicacy, and harvesting it is controlled by strict, detailed regulation. Only lobster larger than a legal minimum can be taken, and no lobster at all can be caught between June and October. Only conventional lobster traps from boats can be used, and even commercial fishermen are limited to a maximum number of traps.

Fishermen are forbidden from taking any lobster whose shell is longer than five inches, and female lobsters must be V-marked and returned to the sea. There are strict penalties for any deviation from these rules, which are an essential part of maintaining a sustainable lobster population. This prized culinary delicacy is used in bisques, soups, boils, salads and many other applications. It is probably at its most delicious simply boiled or steamed and eaten dipped in clarified butter.

Hot Appetizers

This brings out the sweet flavor that is the hallmark of this magnificent seafood. The fish is found in the Atlantic, but migrates to the Gulf every spring.

In order to prevent over-fishing, Federal regulations were introduced that limit where and how much the mackerel can be harvested. In the thirty years since they were introduced, these measures have resulted in a healthy and sustainable mackerel population.

The meat of the mackerel is dark and delicious. It is one of the most potent sources of healthy Omega-3 fatty acids.

Pappadeaux Prices

Spanish Mackerel can be baked, broiled, steamed, smoked, poached or fried and enjoyed in combination with other seafood, for example shrimp or lobster. It can be prepared in many ways, including baked, grilled, broiled, fried or poached. Named for the Long Island town of Blue Point, where they were first gathered, this oyster can be found today along much of the New England coast. Blue Points have a firm consistency and a bright flavor, with a much-appreciated sweet and briny aftertaste.

Highly prized as a winter delicacy, the gulf oyster is the perfect size to be swallowed whole.

Oysters can be wild-caught by dredging or farmed. The latter method allows close monitoring of key environmental factors such as water temperature and quality. Enjoy a half dozen or a dozen with a little lemon juice or a dash of hot sauce. Spawned in the bays around the Gulf, the fish moves out into deeper waters as it matures.

Adult fish generally stay in deep water, but can sometimes, particularly during storms, be found closer to beaches or in tidal creeks. At Pappadeaux, we also serve it with Maine lobster and risotto for a special treat. Talk about delicious French Quarter flavors! When cooked, the shell turns a coral color. Pink in its raw state, this shrimp develops a deeper red hue when cooked.

This shrimp also turns pink when cooked. View More Seasonal Options Lane Snapper Snapper is an offshore fish, often found close to the sea bottom, sometimes as deep as ft.

They often congregate around natural or artificial reefs such as ledges or wrecks. As they mature, these fish become more territorial and can be found in deeper waters.

Food and ambience

This fish is definitely trending on the culinary front, and for good reason. Red snapper is a very popular delicacy. View More Seasonal Options Catfish Catfish is especially popular in the American south where it has long been a staple, whether fried or blackened.

Our fresh catfish is farm-raised right here in the U. View More Seasonal Options Alaskan Halibut Halibut is renowned for its delicate sweet flavor, snow-white color and firm flaky meat.

Pappadeaux Seafood Kitchen, Westmont

It is an excellent source of high-quality protein and minerals. Halibut on the menu at Pappadeaux is caught fresh in Alaskan waters and is seasonally available. View More Seasonal Options Mussels Known for their soft texture and sweet flavor, mussels can be found in delicacies all over the world, from Turkey to the Netherlands to Spain to the US.

At Pappadeaux you can enjoy our delicious mussels on their own, steamed in white wine and lemon, or paired with our amazing Maine Lobster.The stuffed crab was great and filled with a seafood stuffing of white fish, crab meat, and other seafood. Easy to eat; easy to love. View More Seasonal Options Alaskan Halibut Halibut is renowned for its delicate sweet flavor, snow-white color and firm flaky meat.

The franchise has over 80 locations. His sons Pete and Jim entered the diner equipment and supply business. The two brothers, Pete and Jim, opened Pappas Refrigeration in Talk about delicious French Quarter flavors!

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