we have to go back to work to make America great again. All of us. That's why. I' ve written this book. People say that I have self-confidence. Who knows?. The Miracle Morning: The Crippled America: How to Make America Great Again. Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Donald J. Trump is the very definition of the American . Enjoy this book—and together, let's make America great again!.

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Great Again: How to Fix Our Crippled America [Donald J. Trump] on . *FREE* Think Big: Make It Happen in Business and Life by Donald J. Trump. PDF | An abridged version has been published in Survival “Make America Great Again” Donald Trump's Mission to Restore Respect for America .. Donald Trump, Great again: How to fix our crippled America (New. CRIPPLED. AMERICA. *. *. *. How to Make America Great Again. Donald J. Trump. THRESHOLD EDITIONS. New York London Toronto Sydney New Delhi.

Trump says, rightly, that we need to spend a lot more on infrastructure. Ask yourself how any competent businessman, much less Trump The Great, could be off by such a large factor.

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Much of the book is devoted to attacking journalists, especially those few Totos of the press who have pulled back the curtain on his Oz-like bluster. But most Americans are not asking to be made commander in chief. Instead of admitting he was in over his head and promising to do better, Trump whines in his book that the questions were unfair, a gotcha game of Trivial Pursuit.

Conflating issues is a classic Trump strategy. All three write opinion columns. Well, Goldberg tries.

Trump does not name a single news reporter, or publication, that erred. He does, however, make it clear that the only stories he finds reliable are those that accept as gospel whatever he says. Lacking any actual evidence, Trump makes stuff up.

Donald Trump

Consider his all-upper-case assertion on page 14 about news coverage of his remarks that the Mexican government was sending rapists and murders to the United States. But to Trump that is of no concern because facts are what he says they are, no matter the empirical evidence.

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Crippled America : How to Make America Great Again

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The Art of the Deal Trump: I want to bring America back, to make it great and prosperous again, and to be sure we are respected by our allies and feared by our adversaries.

Americans are fed up with politics as usual. And they should be! In this book, I outline my vision to make America great again, including: This book is my blueprint for how to Make America Great Again.

We just need someone with the courage to say what needs to be said. Donald J. Trump is the very definition of the American success story, continually setting the standards of excellence while expanding his interests in real estate, sports, and entertainment. He is a graduate of the Wharton School of Finance.

An accomplished author, Mr. Trump has authored over fifteen bestsellers and his first book, The Art of the Deal , is considered a business classic and one of the most successful business books of all time. Trump has over eight million followers on social media and is a frequent guest across a variety of media platforms.I thought, "I'm not a politician, and I have a huge, successful business to run.

This review was meant to be funny; at least, that's what I was aiming for, although re-reading it now, i realize how much can change in such a short time.

We need great change and we need it from an American who answers to no one except the American people! Bravo, Agent Trump! View 2 comments. Price may vary by retailer.

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