Flow: the psychology of optimal experience/Mihaly. under the reference to page 1, find a lead to Aristotle's view of h MCQ for Medicine. MCQS Community Medicine - Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free. IMPORTANT MCQS IN COMMUNITY MEDICINE. Community Medicine MCQ - Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free.

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Request PDF on ResearchGate | On Jan 1, , Rashmi Sharma and others published Book on MCQs in Community Medicine. Community Medicine. (Multiple Choice Questions). Q There was a tableau held at a hospital on the world children's day to demonstrate the importance of ORS. Community Medicine | For each MCQ, you are to record the correct option on the Answer Sheet by darkening the (ii) Attempt as many MCQs as you can.

If there is a tie between the last two scores the team with the highest negative marking will be eliminated. One statement is "A" assertion and the other statement is "R" reason. Select the appropriate answer using the code given below: a Both A assertion and R reason are true and R Reason is the correct explanation of A Assertion.

If marks are equal then the team with the highest negative markings will be eliminated Q Rapid fire round questions.

Each question carries 2 marks. Minus one for wrong answer. The concept of "Endgame for Tobacco Control" aims to a. The most harmful fats for human health are a. Saturated fatty acids c. Omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids PUFA d.

More unsaturated fatty acids Answer-b. Which of the following approaches is likely to be most successful in prevention of CVD? A small decrease in risk factor across the population b. Targeting and the treatment of high-risk individuals c. Both a and b d.

Expectancy of life at 65 years. Proportional mortality rate. Crude death rate. Specific death rate. Adjusted death rate. Which one of the following is the most reliable indicator of fertility in a country? Growth rate b. Crude birth rate c. Natural increase rate d. Total fertility rate e. General fertility rate Key: Parks Text Book Row 5 of table of specification The number of daughters a new born girl will bear during her life time assuming fixed age specific fertility and mortality rate, refers to which one of the following?

Crude birth rate b. Gross reproduction rate c. Net reproduction rate d. Vitamin A deficiency state is characterized by one of the following: Bitots spots b.

Bone deformities. Which one of the following is a meat borne disease? Bacillus Cereus infection b. Clostridium Botulinum infection. One important clinical sign of Kwashiorkor type of malnutrition is: Monkey face b. Oedema c. Obvious muscle wasting d. Obvious loss of subcutaneous fat e. Usually good appetite Key: Which one of the following is not a feature of Marasmus? Muscle wasting. Low weight for height c. Hypo pigmented hair d.

Severe subcutaneous fat loss e. Irritability Key: Which one of the following is not true regarding Vitamin A? It is a water soluble Vitamin b. Its deficiency causes xeropthalmia c. Animals foods are sources of preformed Vitamin A Retinol d. Liver stores Vitamin A in the form of retinol palmitate e. Its deficiency also causes follicular hyperkeratosis. Which one of the following is not included in the four pillars of safe mother hood?

Family planning b. Antenatal care c. Clean delivery d. Essential obstetric care e. Female literacy Key: Parks Text Book Row 7 of table of specification The average weight gain for a pregnant woman with BMI 20 25 should be: Regarding breast feeding which one of the following is true? Feeding of newborn should commence on the second day after birth b. Colostrum contains antibodies c. Breast feeding is contraindicated in women with tuberculosis e.

If infant cannot suck, feeding should be discontinued Key: Which one of the following gestational infections will result in congenital anomaly? Chicken Pox b. Candidiasis c. Typhoid d. Pneumonia e. Cholera Key: Which one of the following is not a mechanical method of contraception? Insertion of Copper T b. Insertion of Lippes Loop c.

Use of diaphragm d. Contraceptive implants e. Condoms Key: A Post coital contraception is recommended within: Two days of missed period. Two weeks of missed period. Which of the following statements is true for school Health team? It serves up to school children. Every school, small or large, should have its own school health team linked with BHUs.

It is responsible for curative health care. School health records are a reliable source of data in Pakistan.

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Parks Text Book Row 8 of table of specification Minus type b. Plus type c. Benches to accommodate a large number of children in a small space d. Desks with revolving seats e. Desks with recliner chairs Key: The Routine Medical Inspection of school children during school career should at least be: Once every year b.

Four times in the total schooling period c. On the request of teachers d. In the disease out-breaks. Once in the total schooling period Key: The presence of nitrates in water indicates: Temporary hardness of water b. Permanent hardness of water c. Fresh faecal pollution d.

Past faecal pollution e. Parasitic contamination of water Key: Parks Text Book Row 9 of table of specification Mottling of teeth is a nutrition related condition which results from: Deficiency of Fluorine in drinking water b. Deficiency of Chlorides in water c. Excess of Fluorine in drinking water d. Excess of Nitrites in water. The sloughed off layer in the trickling filter during the treatment of sewage in modern plants is known as: Humus b.

Wet manure c. Scum d. Sullage e.

Sludge Key: House waste-water which does not contain human excreta is known as: Sewage c. Sludge d. Scum Key: Which one of the following does not refer to vitiation of air? Decrease in air movements b. Increased concentration of carbon dioxide c. Decrease in relative humidity d. Increase in temperature e. Increase in bacterial count Key: Which one of the following is correct regarding daily upper limit of noise without substantial damage to hearing?

Which one of the following is included in pneumoconiosis? Anthracosis b. Sarcoidosis c. Psittacosis d. Aspergillosis e. Salmonellosis Key: Which one of the following is not an example of organic dust? Cane fiber b. Tobacco c.

Community Medicine MCQ

Cotton dust d. Grain dust e. Asbestos Key: Foundry workers may suffer from one of the following diseases as a result of occupational exposure: Silicosis b.

Asbestosis c. Stomach cancer d. Lung cancer e. Anthracosis Key: Which one of the following is not true regarding Pneumoconiosis? Byssinosis is due to inhalation of cotton dust b. Anthracosis is due to inhalation of anthrax spores c. Baggassosis is an occupational hazard of workers in paper mills. Asbestosis predisposes to pleural mesothelioma.

Pneumoconiosis is irreversible Key: Which one of the following statements is not true regarding Lice? Lice belong to phylum arthropoda.

It undergoes incomplete metamorphosis. Pediculosis is a viral disease transmitted by the bite of a body louse. Relapsing fever occurs when an infected louse is crushed on the skin. Which one of the following insecticides is the least toxic organo-chlorine compound for human beings?

DDT b.

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HCH c. Dieldrin d. Aldrin e. Chlordane Key: Asexual cycle of malarial parasite ends with the production of which one of the following to propagate the disease? Sporozoties b. Merozoites c. Schizonts d. Gametocytes e. Oocytes Key: Parks Text Book Row 12 of table of specification The best method recommended by WHO for malaria control in endemic areas is: The use of Pyrethrum impregnated bed nets b.

Regular use of Chloroquine c. Genetic Control of Mosquitoes d. Vaccination e. Passive immunity by anti-sera Key: A snakebite victim was brought to a health facility after 6 hours of bite. There was a bloody discharge at the site of bite. The most likely snake involved is: Viper b.

Cobra c. Krait d. Sea snake e. Non poisonous snake Key: Mental retardation is seen in which of the following childhood conditions?

Trisomy 21 b. Kwashiorkor d. Congenital HBV infection e. Juvenile Diabetes. The most important factor which makes the smoking cessation program successful is: The desire of the smoker to quit b.

Availability of replacement therapy c.

MCQ on Child Development and Pedagogy

A well planned program d. The advice by a competent doctor e. Follow up program Key: Which one is incorrect about tobacco smoking?

The babi es born smoking to mothers, who smoke, weigh on average , less at birth than those of non smokers. In developed world per capita consumption of tobacco is increasing d. Dose-response relationship is seen in cigarette smoking and lung cancer e.

Withdrawal symptoms include irritability, sleep problems and tremors. Parks Text Book Row 15 of table of specification Self administration of a drug for non medical reasons in quantities and frequencies which may impair an individuals ability to function effectively and which may result in social, physical or emotional harm is best named as: Drug dependence b.

Drug tolerance c.

Drug abuse d. Self medication. Drug therapy Key: Marijuana is derived from which one of the following plants? Cannabis b. Morning Glory c. Coca bush d.

Mushrooms e. Cactus Key: In a health education programme, if a group of 10 people are speaking on a topic of common interest, it is called a: Workshop b. Panel discussion c. Group discussion d. Symposium e.Parks Text Book Row 1 of table of specification 3. Essaid Barka. Deficiency of Chlorides in water c. Which one of the following is not included in the four pillars of safe mother hood? Parks Text Book Row 12 of table of specification Live attenuated vaccine b.

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