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Any self-respecting online book site should have a book preview feature. Here are five websites that let you read sample chapters and. Chapter Books genre: new releases and popular books, including Summer of a Thousand Pies by Unlike picture books for younger readers, a chapter book tells the story primarily through prose, rather than pictures. Charlotte's Web. In addition to traditional print books, the Mulford Library also provides access to a variety of online books that are searched and.

Google Books has a great full-text book search and its Library Project where it partners with some of the best libraries in the world will make book search only better.

There are nearly 20, publishers and authors under the umbrella of Google Books and most titles give you a handful of pages to check out before you decide to download the book or save it for a better one.

Not all books will give you a preview, but the ones that do are worth a turn of the page. The other great name when it comes to books and sundry other items.

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site has turned an upward curve with site and eBooks. The tool allows you to search and browse millions of books across site. You can set up a search based on every word and key phrase inside a book, not just for the book title or the author.

As the screenshot shows, there are many ways to look into the content of a book.

Then you can dive into site Reader, and preview publisher-provided sample pages, go to linked book sections, or look for all references to a term or phrase.

Book Daily is specifically about book samples for book lovers. With 80, books and their first chapters on offer, I would say that this is a great site to bookmark if you want to grab hold of clues on what to read next. Welcome to the world of book tracking and notification Read More. The site is slick and uncluttered, so grab a mug of coffee, open up a book and read the first chapter.

On the fourth floor, near the entrance of the library, by the service desk. Oversize books are located Bookshelves are located in a closed section on the sixth floor of the library building. Ask library staff at the service desk on the fourth floor for access. On the fifth floor near the atrium side of the balcony, by the low bookshelves.

University Libraries

In addition to traditional print books, the Mulford Library also provides access to a variety of online books that are searched and viewed using a web browser like Internet Explorer or Firefox. Many of these titles are part of a larger information system like Clinical Key or AccessMedicine. For a complete listing of the resources that include online books, see our list of full-text resources.

The easiest way to determine if a book is available online is to search the online catalog.

If the book is available online, there will be a link from the catalog to the book. See Harrison's Principles of Internal Medicine as an example. If the needed book is not on the shelf, double-check the online catalog to make sure that the book isn't checked out, missing, or otherwise unavailable. Ask a staff member if you need help.


If the catalog indicates that the book is available, check for the book in the photocopy room and in study spaces. If you cannot find the book, report it at the service desk. Staff members who reshelve the books will conduct a thorough search of the library.

If requested, they will contact you to let you know when the book has been found. Interlibrary Loan Books.

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To see if an interlibrary loan book can be renewed, contact Interlibrary Services Reserve Books. At the Mulford Library, reserve books can be checked out for two hours at a time or overnight. If the desired book is checked out of the library or is otherwise missing on the shelf, you can ask at the service desk to put a hold on the book.

When the book is returned, you will be contacted. For materials not available through OhioLINK, complete and submit a book request form this form can also be used to to request dissertations and audiovisual materials.

When the item is received at Mulford, you'll be contacted.

When preparing a research paper or manuscript, you may need to cite a book or book chapter. The format of this citation depends upon the style required by the professor or publisher. Here are some web sites that give example of citing books and book chapters for styles that are most commonly used on campus.

If you need information that is more detailed that what you find online, contact Mulford Reference Assistance.


A reference librarian can also help you verify citations and find information needed to complete incomplete references. Print style manuals are available in the Library. EndNote a program that integrates with Word and can be used to cite and format references in papers and manuscripts is available for use on campus and for home use for UT faculty, residents, staff, and students.

Page Menu. Important library catalogs at the University of Toledo are: University Libraries catalog Start your search for books here.

In the catalog, you can see what materials are available at the University of Toledo Libraries, no matter where they are. You can check to see if the books you find are available locally at UT or regionally via OhioLINK before requesting the books from the Interlibrary Services department see below. Finding Relevant Book Chapters Book chapters can be a good source of information, however, it is sometimes difficult to identify them; you can't always tell if a book will have a good chapter just by looking at the book's title.

What is your topic? What terms are synonyms for your topic? What terms are broader in scope that your topic?

In what type of book might your topic be found e. DO review any available instructional materials help sheets, tutorials, etc.Pre-order online Not yet available in stores. Please enable JavaScript before proceeding: Posting a work in progress online for feedback is dangerous because the feedback will influence you.

Book Daily is specifically about book samples for book lovers.

The people who give feedback online have no better idea than you do about what makes a good book. Online previews replicate the feeling of paging through a book in a bookstore. London: John Murray; Available in stores.

Cari Mora: On the fourth floor, to the right of the back elevators.

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