Find magazines, catalogs and publications about "krypton", and discover more great Os Últimos Dias de Krypton (Kevin J. Anderson). by Nero. Published 5 years ago. pages. Supergirl Vol. 1 Michael Green PDF Last Daughter of Krypton. e) os pulsos são convertidos de analógico para digital e, esses últimos, classificados com As amostras foram coletadas a cada 15 dias durante nove meses. Ao final de .. sio/calmethpdf. Acessado em . exposure of the population of the European Community resulting from discharges of krypton-. 85, tritium. Pesquisas Espaciais (INPE), em São José dos Campos, entre os dias 21 a 25 de Palestrantes nacionais e internacionais apresentarão os últimos heavier rare gases as Krypton and Xenon littler information about the PES is found in the .

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centconmosazy.ga - Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read Os Ultimos Dias de Krypton Kevin J Anderson. Download as PDF or read online from Scribd. Flag for inappropriate content . Os Ultimos Dias de Krypton Kevin J Anderson. Uploaded by. Taitson Santos. Durante os últimos quatro anos muitas foram as pessoas que contribuíram, lançar a semente da investigação, obrigado ao Professor Doutor Ricardo Dias. .. EL produced in gases, particularly neon, argon, krypton and xenon, was done . [2] WARP proposal, centconmosazy.ga [, May 18].

Intentional and unintentional incompetence is the core of The Last Days of Krypton. So who's to blame? Is Kevin J. Anderson really to blame for this mess of a book? To some extent I suppose he must be, but I think that much of the blame must fall to the long term incompetence of DC Comics. As comic book companies go, despite their popularity, DC Comics cannot be lauded for their overall quality. Sure they've had some great moments, but those moments were based on singular talents that their business department was smart enough to pay big bucks to secure.

Frank Miller had already made Daredevil THE comic of the early eighties before he was dragged to DC to breathe life into the terminally cheesy and pathetic Batman. Alan Moore Watchmen and V for Vendetta and Neil Gaiman Sandman brought DC more greatness, but their comics were outside the multiverse of DC, and their talents were allowed to wander into dark terrain in which the rest of DC feared to tread.


They charged him with bringing together a history of Krypton under one title, of making a coherent story out of years of incompetent story telling, and it is just possible that Anderson did the best he possibly could with what he had. Of course, it's also possible that he's incompetent too.

What I do know for sure is that the best part of The Last Days of Krypton at least the mass market format is the 3-D holo cover with the Superman "S" exploding out of the planet's surface amidst a cascade of Kryponite. I've loved scratching the holo surface with my fingernails and watching my kids play with the cover in the sunlight.

The continual disasters, one after the other, got to be somewhat ludicrous [not saying it could not happen; it just made me start laughing at "what happened next! I felt the character development was probably the weakest part of the book.

Zod was just. Jor-El and Zor-El left a bit to be desired as genius-scientists who happened to be brothers. The Kryptonian government in the form of the respective "Councils" was inept beyond belief; they merely seemed to be caricatures to "highlight" how smart and benevolent and wise Jor-El was and how incompetent the rulers of Krypton were, especially in light of the numerous disasters that were overtaking the planet. There were some [mildly] interesting parts in the narrative view spoiler [such as how the instability of the Kryptonian sun Rao caused changes in the planetary orbits as well as the orbit of the comet Loth-Ur's Hammer such that Loth-Ur's orbit around the sun would not cause the comet to collide directly with Krypton, or Zod's interactions with Brainiac after Kandor was taken by Brainiac hide spoiler ].

I felt like the readers were supposed to "just accept" that portions of the underlying strata were transforming into "new rock formations" without any kind of validation or scientific reasons being given.

Also, I was confused about the oncoming comet. It was going to strike Krypton in three to four months after Jor-El somehow noticed its orbit had been altered. I thought the idea of its orbit being altered was pretty cool; I did not quite understand how Jor-El was able to notice such a thing visually without the use of any instruments, especially as the comet was still four months away from striking Krypton.

Then, when Zod attempted to launch one of the nova javelin missiles, all fifteen of the missiles were launched an immediately struck the comet. The comet still should have been a month away at this point, yet everybody was able to watch the missiles strike the comet and destroy it. It seemed pretty pointless to have had the comet in the story, as it only served to function as target practice for the missiles; it was pretty clear that the missiles would have to be used to destroy the comet to save Krypton [prior to Krypton exploding].

I thought the concept that the Phantom Zone would expand within the planet's core and absorb the entire core was a bit much, a bit too far out there.

I get it, that the "entrance" to the Phantom Zone is a singularity that feeds off of energy; I also get it that dropping the singularity into the planet's core would give it a tremendous source of energy upon which it could feed and grow. I guess that made [makes] sense. The gravity of the planet should have disappeared as the molten core was absorbed into the Phantom Zone; the lack of gravity should have meant the loss of the atmosphere and the ability of the biosphere to survive.

The Last Days of Krypton: Library Edition [PDF Download] The Last Days of Krypton: Library

It always struck me as "funny" that Superman was the "last Kryptonian" when there was a whole, entire city of shrunken Kryptonians that he would rescue from Brainiac as well as some other Kryptonians who would appear over time in the comics. I also found myself wondering about his cousin, Kara-El. The book never mentions that Zor-El and his wife and a daughter or that she escaped the destruction of Krypton.

At the same time, the book leaves open the possibility that Argo City survived the destruction [for a limited period of time] due to Zor-El's defensive shields that were in place around the city and due to the amount of supplies kept in the city in addition to Alura's greenhouses and skills with Kryptonian flora.

The comment is that "the chunk of land holding Argo City rose above sea level, broken free as some force from beneath pushed them away" It never says that Argo City was destroyed; a few pages earlier, Zor-El and his wife were discussing the possibility that his shields could save the city even if Krypton were destroyed. It would be interesting if the author ever wrote a sequel and discussed there being survivors "still alive" from Argo City who were seeking to start over, to start a new home, with Krypton being destroyed.

I did enjoy the different "cameos" and "shout-outs" to Superman's eighty-some years of comic history and backstory. Some of them I recognized, and some I no doubt missed view spoiler [although the comments about "truth and justice. Is it an airship? I am glad that I read it, but it was still a bit of a disappointment for me.

I do not know if I will ever read it again, but it was [barely] worth the read the one time. Perhaps if I read it again, I will have changed my mind and enjoy it more. Feb 17, Tom Velasco rated it did not like it. It was absolute torture to read this monstrosity and I have longed for the day when I could safely put this down, knowing that I would never have to read another word again.

Without any exaggeration, I can say that this is the undisputed champion of crappy novels. Of all the books I've ever read, nothing comes close to this putrescent turd. Not only was the diction puerile and stupid, the plotting ludicrous, a Ugh Not only was the diction puerile and stupid, the plotting ludicrous, and the characters laughable, but the book was so dreadfully boring.

It was a story not unlike this one: I envisioned a work of genius, but when my 6th grade teacher read it back to me aloud I was incredulous. The piece just didn't come out as I'd thought it up. I remember her offering me basic, ubiquitously understood tips to improve my writing: This book needed my sixth grade teacher to edit it.

The only thing that could save this book in my mind is if the entire thing was a joke by either Harper Collins or Kevin Anderson, demonstrating the absurdity of what one can push through publication and convince comic book nerds to read. If they're sitting back, watching us, saying, "ha! Look at those guys!

They paid good money for this thing and some are actually leaving good reviews Well done guys. Well done.

PDF Download The Last Days of Krypton Library Edition PDF Online

Jul 30, Rob Lada-something rated it did not like it. I don't want to waste too much time talking about how terrible this book was. Most of their characterizations were established by the book telling us that was the way they were. The book kept insisting that Jor-El was a genius who was well established in his community, but then he kept making idiotic decisions that didn't make any sen I don't want to waste too much time talking about how terrible this book was.

The book kept insisting that Jor-El was a genius who was well established in his community, but then he kept making idiotic decisions that didn't make any sense and he was never trusted by the council governing Krypton's society. The book couldn't decide what plot device was going to ensure the destruction of the planet. Is it going to be a sun going supernova?

Or maybe an asteroid that's headed straight for us! Surprise, it's actually none of these, because another method of destruction is introduced right at the end of the book.

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None of the character's motives made sense. Everything they did was to bumble through the plot without any sort of reasoning. All the characters were as flat as the Phantom Zone. The romance between Jor-El and Lara was laughable. Zod was a weakling who never would have accomplished a single thing if it weren't for the deus-ex-machina in the form of an alien kidnapping the capital city.

Fuck you, that's not how storytelling works. I'm sorry, Kevin Anderson.

I enjoyed meeting you at Denver Comic Con this year and sitting in on your panel where you talked about how you always wanted to be an author and how much you enjoy it, but I'm not feeling it. This book sucked. This book takes place about 2 years before the birth of Superman, a.

It tells a story about people trying to survives through great crisis. I had not really read many comicbook-based novel, so this was new to me.

The flow of the book moves smoothly through each of the chapters, which are short but have a lot of action throughout. The characters are entertai This book takes place about 2 years before the birth of Superman, a. The characters are entertaining, the good guys likable and the bad unlikable in a likable sort of way.

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It was entertaining to see characters from movies and comic book react with each other, like an appearance of Brainac I wasn't expecting. I have not read many Superman comics, but in the ones I have read more recently, Superman tends to have a negative, "I am superior to all" I don't know, I actually prefer Batman. That said, I liked this book because it was not about Superman, but his family and where he came from, and thus where he's coming from.

I thought it was a little redundant to keep having all these catastrophes happen all at once, but I guess the action had to come from somewhere. There are many series I see clearly--like Jor-el creating the Phantom Zone and Lara saving him from it, which helped spark their romance.

I enjoyed this book a lot and will have my eyes out for more comicbook-based novels. Mar 28, Jeph rated it liked it.

Anyone who is even remotely interested in comic books knows the story of Superman, the sole survivor of the doomed planet Krypton, sent to Earth in the planet's final moments to seek a new beginning under our strengthening yellow sun. However, few know the true story of Krypton itself.

Why was the planet destroyed? When and how? Who were Kal-El's parents, and what were they like? And just who is Zod? All these questions and more are answered in Kevin J. Anderson's The Last Days of Krypton. In Anyone who is even remotely interested in comic books knows the story of Superman, the sole survivor of the doomed planet Krypton, sent to Earth in the planet's final moments to seek a new beginning under our strengthening yellow sun.

Os ultimos dias de krypton pdf

In this book we are introduced to Jor-El, Lara, Commissioner Zod and the Kryptonian Council and the rest of the planetary society and culture itself. Krypton stagnates under the isolationist rule of the Council.

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I suppose This was an "okay" book; it was mildly entertaining. Sameer Sabir.

But I can't necessarily fault Anderson for that.

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