Are you looking for a PDF reader for iPad to read PDF files? Now there are dozens of developers offering PDF readers for free. You can directly. Looking for a best pdf reader for iPad or iPhone that can handle Also Read: Best Free Open Source PDF Editors for Windows and Mac. Our favorite PDF reader apps for Android and iOS will help you read those important documents on the go.

Pdf Reader Ipad Free

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A good PDF reader for iPad will be a literal game changer. Adobe. Price: Free. Best Feature: The Adobe name. Adobe has been in the PDF. Free; Offers In-App downloads Adobe Acrobat Reader is the free global standard for reliably Even drag and drop between apps on iPad. Adobe Acrobat Reader is the free global standard for reliably viewing, signing, and Compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

DocuScan is a simple PDF app. This is perfect for business people who need to save receipts or documents that need to be sent elsewhere to fill it out. All of its features work well for reading books, magazines, comics, manga, guidebooks, and other such things in PDF format.

There are options for text appearance, page turning animations, and more. The free version has a few limitations with library size and online translations.

Top 8 Best PDF Reader & Editor Apps for iPhone and iPad

Foxit is one of the most popular PDF readers around. It works well for both business and e-book use.

The basic features include various editing features, support for multiple file formats on top of PDF, support for Slide Over and Split View, and document scanning. The subscription is a tad pricey, though.

Yep, we have some other great PDF readers here!

Linux is a challenging operating system sometimes. It has the potential to do so much, but finding great stuff for it can take a bit of time and effort. That's especially true when it comes productivity ….

PDF is a powerful file type. Many businesses, education centers, and plenty of other industries use them extensively. They are also rather difficult to deal with. Chances are that you're here to find an app …. It features most of the basic stuff like PDF annotation, form filling and signing features, text to speech, and page management. It also supports syncing, Touch ID support, iCloud support, cloud storage and network storage support, and tons of other stuff.

Perhaps its most unique feature is support for Bluetooth pedals, which works best for musicians during live performances. Google Drive.

Google Drive is great for a ton of things. It also handles PDFs quite well.

Basic Google Drive accounts get 15GB of free storage. Otherwise, the app and all of its features are entirely free. KyBook 2 is an e-book reader app with PDF support. The app also includes cloud support including iCloud , various customization features, a speed reading feature, audio book support, and even translation.

This is obviously geared more for reading than business use. However, it has every ebook reading feature that you would want and more. The free version still works pretty well too. Tiny Scanner. Tiny Scanner is a super simple PDF scanner app.

It lets you scan documents, receipts, forms, and what have you into PDF format for easier storage and sharing. The app includes support for AirPrint as well as cloud storage, faxing, and sharing via email. Additionally, it has features for sharper scans, various levels of contrast, and password protection support. Like the name implies, this is just a tiny, simple document scanner app.

It works great for making PDF files. The app also supports AirPrint, a night mode, a surprisingly good search function, and even an auto-scroll view.

Top 8 Free PDF Readers for iPad

This one is mostly for ebook reading. However, if all you need to do is read a few PDF files or something simple, iBooks can get it done. downloading books still costs money, of course.

When it comes to annotations, PDF Expert has always had the most feature-rich highlighting engine in our testing. Offering very opaque coloring and dark colors makes it one of the few apps tested that allow you to easily redact lines of text using a black highlight, but do note that you need to flatten the PDF if you want it to remain redacted when shared. This is something the NSA should probably look into. Creation of those annotations is also a simple task. The small nature of the note bubble can make for rather tricky placement with a finger.

On the plus side, the note text is rendered in Helvetica and not Marker Felt. PDF Expert also boasts solid signature support, but we wish that we could insert a signature without the tap to hold gesture, which is hard, if not impossible, to do while holding the device with one hand.

The Best PDF Reader for iPad: The Ultimate List

It is odd that clicking the signature icon in the toolbar is not how you insert a signature, but rather how you create signatures, making it a confusing icon to have persistent in the toolbar. It used to be that you could only stow one signature in PDF Expert. Now you can insert any signature you like, whenever you like.

Yes, you read that right: Doing so unlocks the following features:. PDF Expert allows you to switch between vertical and horizontal scrolling modes, both of which perform admirably.

Prior to the 6.

Best PDF Reader for iPad and iPhone

Thankfully, that issue has since been resolved and vertical scrolling now performs exactly the way you want it to. Another welcome update is the ability to zoom out past the width of the page in landscape mode. It used to be that in landscape, the document would simply fill the width of your device, with no option to zoom out and view the entire page. Overall, the reading experience is solid, offering one of the fastest renderings of large PDF files we tested.

However, PDF Expert also has built-in support for the following services: In other words, no matter what your office uses, you can probably sync your documents in the app. PDF Expert works very well with Dropbox shared folders. If you have several different people you collaborate with on certain PDFs, you can all share a folder in Dropbox and that folder can be added to your Documents tab in PDF Expert.

The app also allows you to enable iOS Data Protection file-encryption system.

These are great options that help keep access to your cloud storage secure but easily accessible to you. The iCloud syncing between your Mac and iPad alone makes it a valuable tool, though one could just as easily use services like Dropbox to achieve a similar solution with PDF Expert. Additionally, there is no universal search for PDFs, nor is there a tab bar for quickly switching between several different currently-open PDFs in the app.

It offers strong export options and import sources, and our favorite feature is the media library. There is a standard set of items like those found in other apps: There is also a massive set of proofing markup icons for proofreading documents. However, unlike the stamping tools in other apps tested, PDFpen can use iCloud to sync over media from its Mac counterpart.

Additionally, PDFpen comes with a library of proofing markup tools that are sure to be a boon to serious reviewers. PDFpen is a solid, well-designed offering, and we have no doubt that with future updates it could knock PDF Expert out of the top spot.However, you cannot edit the text of the PDF.

But keep in mind, you might not need to get a third-party application at all: The app UI is beautiful and functional.


Through its advanced OCR technology you can search your handwritten notes. Some of the applications below allow you to directly connect to Dropbox and other cloud services — including iCloud — to perform file sharing.

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