Pushing Daisies: The Comic Book was an exclusive comic book that was given out at the Comic-Con in San Diego. The comic book came. To ask other readers questions about Pushing Daisies, please sign up. Does this comic book explained what happened to Chuck's father, or how Ned's father . I'm still not over the cancellation of Pushing Daisies. It's one of my favourite shows of all time, and years later my mind is still blown by the fact.

Pushing Daisies Comic Book

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Namely, the online Pushing Daisies comic. too; the official recaps of the show are in comic book format as well, although in this case they're. The show's official website included a comic book that was distributed at the San Diego Comic-Con International, with new. Bryan Fuller is a fan of Pushing Daisies, and like other fans, would really like to see a reboot.

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Symmetry is a common theme used in the visual style, and characters are often framed in windows, doors, or background props. A heavy use of patterns within a location was often used, where a similar pattern would be used in almost the entire location—the wallpaper, window blinds, bedsheets, pillows, furniture, and even clothing, such as Olive's apartment.

The series would often use top-down perspectives and over-head shots would showcase its overall visual style. Regardless of the fact that the show focuses on murder investigations, the morgue is painted in candy-cane stripes and many outfits worn by the characters are vibrantly colored, bright, and cheery for example, Olive's work uniforms alternate between bright orange and lime-green pinstriped dresses, and Emerson is often seen wearing shades of purple.

The use of matte painting backdrops are used to complete the look. Emerson drives a mids Lincoln Continental with suicide doors in new condition.

Ned is seen driving an old, like-new Mercedes-Benz W Other characters drive decades-old vehicles as well. Old-fashioned trolley cars can be seen in several shots panning in to the Pie Hole. Quirkiness[ edit ] Critics noted the Pushing Daisies distinctive visual style.


A NYTimes critic describes it as a "candy-colored, computer-generated bucolic scenery" [24] and another describes a "Technicolor world that seems to exist at right angles to our own" and note "bizarre dialogue" and the use of alliterative and near-duplicate names of both characters such as Deedee Duffield, Billy Balsam, the Darling Mermaid Darlings, Charles Charles, Charlotte "Chuck" Charles, John Joseph Jacobs, etc.

Music[ edit ] The show contains original music composed and arranged by Jim Dooley. The first six minutes of the series pilot, " Pie-lette " were composed by Blake Neely.

Chenoweth asked to sing " Eternal Flame " in an episode, which Bryan Fuller agreed to accommodate. Comics[ edit ] The show's official website included a comic book that was distributed at the San Diego Comic-Con International , with new mysteries and background information not seen on the televised episodes. When the show struggled in the ratings during its second season, Bryan Fuller said that, should ABC not pick up additional episodes, he would release comic books and maybe a movie based on the show to wrap up outstanding stories for fans.

Johanna Television Reviews 4 comments Pushing Daisies Pushing Daisies combines the love-with-obstacles relationship of a great screwball comedy with the brightly candy-colored visual imagination of the first Willy Wonka movie or The Wizard of Oz.

More on that later. Like that show, this is a romantic fantasy, only mixed with murder procedural. Ned Lee Pace, previously the brother in Wonderfalls has the power of reanimation.


When he touches something dead, he can bring it back to life. There are unpleasant rules, though — if he touches it again, it dies again. For good. This amazing ability has never brought him pleasure.

And an outstanding pie maker, because he restores rotting fruit to use as fillings. Together, they created a business. Ned touches the corpses of those who died mysteriously.

They wake up, they tell him what happened, he kills them again, and he and Emerson collect the reward money. These deaths are often completely bizarre, and the resulting special effects makeup is amazing.

Guy with face eaten by dog, for instance, or guy stepped on by horse. His boyhood next-door neighbor, best friend, and sweetheart is Chuck Charlotte Charles, played by Anna Friel , whom he rediscovers after seeing her body on the news.

Chuck lives with her aunts, synchronized swimming performers who are nearly the best thing about the show. The survival of this dog from his childhood, once he reincarnated the pet, suggests some odd implications about those brought back, perhaps to be immortal until touched again. This first season consists of nine episodes.

The second is unfortunately the worst of the bunch.Ok, probably not the last one. Emerson drives a mids Lincoln Continental with suicide doors in new condition.

In a touch of irony mentioned many times by now, Pushing Daisies had the misfortune of being pronounced dead by ABC in , right before it became standard practice for cult shows to be resurrected.

When he touches something dead, he can bring it back to life.

That said, the story is gorgeously illustrated by Cameron Stewart and for that alone I am delighted; Stewart's art is always a pleasure, but here it has the added bonus of fitting the show perfectly. In many respects, [the comic will] probably [be] season three.

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