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The Book of Eli subtitles. AKA: The Book Of Eli , Книга Iлая, El libro de los secretos. Some will kill to have it. He will kill to protect it.. After the Apocalypse Eli . Action, Adventure, Drama, Thriller. The Book of Eli. year. 1h 58mlength. IMDB. 48Tomato. Denzel Washington, Mila Kunis, Ray Stevenson, Gary Oldman. Download The The Book of Eli () English Subtitle - SUBDL.

The words of the Bible will not be silenced as long as there are lips to speak them and ears to hear them.

The problem with The Book of Eli is that the narrative isn't a match for its sentiments. The script feels like it's an iteration or two short of a final draft.

Unfortunately, it all falls apart during the final half hour, with an avalanche of implausibilities, contrivances, and hurried resolutions that generate a bad aftertaste. One senses that more thought and a polished screenplay could have taken viewers to essentially the same place without all of the bumps and potholes that make The Book of Eli's final act an uneven and occasionally unpleasant ride.

Often, post-apocalyptic movies are filmed using desaturated color, but The Hughes Brothers take this technique to an extreme that results in The Book of Eli having a specific aesthetic. It's virtually black-and-white. There are times when a little color is allowed to peek through, as if to remind us that the movie isn't really monochromatic, but it might as well have been filmed with the same stock utilized in the '30s and '40s.

It is effective and evocative and makes the bleakness of the world seem more forceful and immediate. There are some stylish shots, such as an early fight scene which is presented almost entirely in silhouette - black figures seen struggling against a bright backdrop.

The almost complete absence of dialogue for the first 15 minutes allows us to focus on the visuals, and it gets The Book of Eli off to an uncommonly strong start. Unfortunately, the good will downloadd at the beginning doesn't last all the way to the end.

The back story is muddled. The Book of Eli transpires 30 years after a cataclysmic event depopulates most of the planet, but the movie is unclear about the specifics. How would they have tasted 30 years later?

Would someone explain how he got out of the locked room I missed that part? When Solara causes the vehicle she's in to crash how does Eli's blade which was on the dashboard get embedded completely to the hilt in Redridge's chest? Is the woman hijacker with the grocery cart the same as the second one nearer to the end of the movie? If so how does she get a new gang since Eli has killed all of her first friends and get further down the road towards Alcatraz for Solara and Eli to meet again?

To have the same ambush using a woman crying with a grocery cart seems lazy to me. I'm glad for those who enjoyed the movie.

It just has too many questionable and unbelievable scenes which caused my frustration. And I wish people would stop comparing this sham of a movie to 'The Road'. So originality is not exactly "Eli's" calling card, but it clearly establishes its ruinous world and the Hughes brothers "From Hell" take good care of its characters while supplying top-notch action.

Washington stars as our stolid protagonist, Eli, journeying westward with his canteen, a large machete, a couple guns and a special leather-bound book.

He lives on an Earth that was fried 30 years before by the sun because of a war that ripped a hole through the ozone layer.

Sun-goggled bikers run amok pillaging, killing and raping passers-by, yet Eli is morally sound and focused on keeping his book safe no matter what so he can deliver it somewhere out west. Whitta also places Eli squarely in the story. He's a good but dangerous man who's not afraid to kill, and as he sits idly by as a couple gets attacked, it's abundantly clear that this is a world where compassion is secondary to survival and self-interest.

Where the plot comes in is "Eli's" weak link. It doesn't try too hard to hide just what exactly the book is and that sort of dissolves some of the film's mystique. The plot is essentially Eli wants to protect it and take it west and he has a run in with Carnegie Gary Oldman , an older man who runs a small town and desires it for selfish power-related reasons.

Along the way, anyone who threatens to lay a hand on Eli gets sliced up or shot. In the two or three fight scenes where he takes down numerous guys at once, you can't help but wonder why after he kills the first few guys, the others don't run the hell away, especially considering people are otherwise in self-preservation mode living in a wasteland and they know nothing of the book. The Hughes brothers make those scenes worthwhile, however.

There's a style and grace to their action scenes -- they create a sort of a moving tableau in some scenes and execute a wide range of tempos in the action sequences to make them more intense. When Carnegie's men encounter Eli and the young woman Mila Kunis that he inspires who follows him at the home of some old folks cameos by famous Brits Frances De La Tour and Michael Gambon , they place the camera in the middle of the action and sweep along with the gunfire part- digitally from one side to the other.

It's very cool and is an example of one way the Hugheses keep the focus away from the plot's shaky skeleton. I only have beef with their excessive slow-motion walking-toward-the-camera shots and showing a bit too much of the cloudy green-gray sky.

Some people are going to be more surprised and impressed with the film's big reveal than others, but anyone with a love of action and that post-apocalyptic context will find something to make "Eli" a worthwhile watch regardless of plot weakness.

Washington is slightly under-utilized but he's an ideal fit. Meanwhile, in Belmont, Portia is awash with suitors. Her father left a will stipulating that each of her suitors must choose correctly from one of three caskets, made of gold, silver and lead respectively. Whoever picks the right casket wins Portia's hand. The first suitor, the Prince of Morocco, chooses the gold casket, interpreting its slogan, "Who chooseth me shall gain what many men desire", as referring to Portia.


The second suitor, the conceited Prince of Aragon, chooses the silver casket, which proclaims, "Who chooseth me shall get as much as he deserves", as he believes he is full of merit. Both suitors leave empty-handed, having rejected the lead casket because of the baseness of its material and the uninviting nature of its slogan, "Who chooseth me must give and hazard all he hath".

The last suitor is Bassanio, whom Portia wishes to succeed, having met him before.

Subtitles for YIFY movie The Book of Eli

Shylock has become more determined to exact revenge from Christians because his daughter Jessica eloped with the Christian Lorenzo and converted. She took a substantial amount of Shylock's wealth with her, as well as a turquoise ring which Shylock had been given by his late wife, Leah.

Shylock has Antonio brought before court. At Belmont, Bassanio receives a letter telling him that Antonio has been unable to repay the loan from Shylock. Portia and Bassanio marry, as do Gratiano and Portia's handmaid Nerissa.

Bassanio and Gratiano leave for Venice, with money from Portia, to save Antonio's life by offering the money to Shylock. Unknown to Bassanio and Gratiano, Portia sent her servant, Balthazar, to seek the counsel of Portia's cousin, Bellario, a lawyer, at Padua.

The climax of the play is set in the court of the Duke of Venice. Shylock refuses Bassanio's offer of 6, ducats, twice the amount of the loan. He demands his pound of flesh from Antonio. The Duke, wishing to save Antonio but unable to nullify a contract, refers the case to a visitor. He identifies himself as Balthazar, a young male "doctor of the law", bearing a letter of recommendation to the Duke from the learned lawyer Bellario.

The doctor is Portia in disguise, and the law clerk who accompanies her is Nerissa, also disguised as a man. As Balthasar, Portia repeatedly asks Shylock to show mercy in a famous speech , advising him that mercy "is twice blest: It blesseth him that gives and him that takes" Act IV , Sc 1, Line However, Shylock adamantly refuses any compensations and insists on the pound of flesh.

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As the court grants Shylock his bond and Antonio prepares for Shylock's knife, Portia deftly appropriates Shylock's argument for "specific performance". She says that the contract allows Shylock to remove only the flesh, not the blood, of Antonio see quibble.

Thus, if Shylock were to shed any drop of Antonio's blood, his "lands and goods" would be forfeited under Venetian laws.

She tells him that he must cut precisely one pound of flesh, no more, no less; she advises him that "if the scale do turn, But in the estimation of a hair, Thou diest and all thy goods are confiscate.

Subtitles for YIFY movie The Book of Eli

She cites a law under which Shylock, as a Jew and therefore an "alien", having attempted to take the life of a citizen, has forfeited his property, half to the government and half to Antonio, leaving his life at the mercy of the Duke. The Duke spares Shylock's life.

Antonio asks for his share " in use " until Shylock's death, when the principal will be given to Lorenzo and Jessica. At Antonio's request, the Duke grants remission of the state's half share of the forfeiture, but on the condition that Shylock convert to Christianity and bequeath his entire estate to Lorenzo and Jessica IV,i.

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Bassanio does not recognise his disguised wife, but offers to give a present to the supposed lawyer. First she declines, but after he insists, Portia requests his ring and Antonio's gloves.

Antonio parts with his gloves without a second thought, but Bassanio gives the ring only after much persuasion from Antonio, as earlier in the play he promised his wife never to lose, sell or give it. Nerissa, as the lawyer's clerk, succeeds in likewise retrieving her ring from Gratiano, who does not see through her disguise.

At Belmont, Portia and Nerissa taunt and pretend to accuse their husbands before revealing they were really the lawyer and his clerk in disguise V. After all the other characters make amends, Antonio learns from Portia that three of his ships were not stranded and have returned safely after all. The title page from a printing of Giovanni Fiorentino's 14th-century tale Il Pecorone The first page of The Merchant of Venice, printed in the Second Folio of The forfeit of a merchant's deadly bond after standing surety for a friend's loan was a common tale in England in the late 16th century.

The play was mentioned by Francis Meres in , so it must have been familiar on the stage by that date. The title page of the first edition in states that it had been performed "divers times" by that date.

Salerino's reference to his ship the Andrew I,i,27 is thought to be an allusion to the Spanish ship St. A date of —97 is considered consistent with the play's style.Blu-ray Korean 1.

The key in watching the film is to not download into the plot too much, which is where the viewer is going to be disappointed. BluRay p. Stranger Things 3 sees the kids a little older, and hopefully a little wiser, as their hometown of Hawkins, Indiana, is once again threatened by otherworldly beasts.

If so how does she get a new gang since Eli has killed all of her first friends and get further down the road towards Alcatraz for Solara and Eli to meet again?

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