This Joint Hindu family business - an affectionate business project includes all the introduction to joint Hindu family business as well as their. Hindu Family Business Objective Joint Hindu Family An Affectionate Aims Objective. Pdf project on joint hindu family an affectionate business Ask Latest. - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. The Joint Hindu Family Business is a distinct form of business organization existing only . Project Report on Plastic Money in India.

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Joint Hindu Family Business - Download as Word Doc .doc /.docx), PDF File . pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. full project. This is a presentation that I had made on Joint hindu family business Hope people find it useful. The Joint Hindu Family business is a form of business organisation found only in two exits. This expressway is part of the Golden Quadrilateral project. The.

From June 22, , the female members also have the co-parcenercy right in the state of Maharashtra. Karta and Co-parceners.

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Karta is the older male member of the family who controls and manages the business. The other family members are called the co-parceners. There is no limit on membership because the membership is by birth. He is free to take any decision without any interference of any co-parceners, but he can seek advice and help from the family members. In case of Joint Hindu Family firm registration is not at all compulsory; hence, it does not enjoy any legal status.

Though Joint Hindu Family Business is enlarged form of sole trading concern and it has got due recognition by Income Tax Act, , and Joint Hindu Succession Act, , then also it does not enjoy separate legal status because of Joint Hindu Family firm and its members are the same that is inseparable. But, as per Hindu Law any member who is unsatisfied with the resolution of Karta can demand partition. In other words, if Karta dies or becomes incapable of managing the business, then the succeeding co-parceners will act as Karta.

Rights of Karta: The Karta can give receipts, make contracts, and draw bills, but he cannot give up debts already due to the Joint Hindu Family Business. He had the authority to sell or mortgages the property of Joint Hindu Family while conducting the business of the firm.

Dissolution: If the family business becomes insolvent, the adult co-parceners and the manager will be adjudged bankrupt, although their share in the family property can be used to pay off the debts of the Joint Hindu Family Business.

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The Karta can expand or change the line of business, or he can even close down the business. The co-parceners usually agree with the decisions taken by Karta in the conduct of business.

The business secrets are known to co-parceners in general and Karta in particular. It is not obligatory for them to publish their accounts , which results in a great deal of privacy and secrecy. As a result of this, he does business on better terms. He also gets liberal financial facilities from banks and others. Better credit standing in the market increases the competitive strength of this business.

Method and methodology of joint hindu family business

Managing conflict effectively in the process of succession is crucial to preserving the impact family enterprise has on our economy and families themselves. Therefore, whether the family business is based in the United States or across the world, one needs to be aware of the five points in which conflict is most likely to occur: The mutual acceptance of roles The agreement to continue the business The propensity of a successor to take over The tendency of an incumbent to step aside Succession planning because the conflict in family succession is universal.

It is one of the best things that could ever happen that a healthy and joyous atmosphere keeps everyone fresh and active.

Its already decided or automatically understood by earners in the family where one will invest money.

There are no ego issues. Another person brings all necessities oil can, wheat, rice… One invest in property, insurance, external deals. Other with issues like automobiles at home, electric equipment such as mobile, mixer, TV, ac,… Its an endless list, but love for each other, cooperation, selflessness, affection, being with each other no matter what situations come. The act has given same rights to a widow as that to a male owner.

She too can participate in the b usiness and can demand partition. Hindu Successive Act, Explain the Joint Hindu Family Business.

The features of a Joint Hindu Family Business are: Borrowing is possible from banks, friends and relatives but again the amount would be limited. Three successive generations can inherit the business by reason of their birth in the family. He is the sole manager of the business.

The karta can expand or contract the business. The business is continuous in nature and stable in existence. Business Secrecy: He has the right t o enter into contracts on behalf of the other members. Flexibility o f Operations: This type of business offers a good deal of flexibility in business operations. It is he who controls the business. Continuity and Stability: This form of business is not dissolved due to the death.

Joint Ownership: The business is jointly owned by all the members of a Joint Hindu Family. But if they disapprove of his activities they can demand partition of the family business. Government has not laid any rules and regulations over its working. It may also not be possible to appoint a specialist because of limited funds and limited nature of business. Limited Managerial Skills: Close Contact with Customers: Thus the business may not be a ble to obtain economies of scale.

Thus they may not be able to obtain competitive terms. Local Area of Operations: Joint Hindu Famil y Business are confined to a limited local area because of limited capital and limited business skill.

Weak Bargaining Power: Close contract with customers help them to know their likes. Quick Decision Making: Minimum Government Regulation: The business is subjected to least government regulations. Lack of Economies of Scale: Due to limited scale of operation. There are hardly and rules and regulations over expansion and closure of the business.

Joint Ownership. Continuity and Stability etc. The members and the firm do not have separate legal entity. Close contact with employees helps in avoiding frictions and conflicts and leads to better relations. No Legal Status: Like sole trading concern. No Maximum Limit to Membership: There is no maximum limit to membership in this type of business.

Registration of this type of business is not compulsory. Joint Hindu Family Business lacks legal status. Flexibility of operations. Explain Joint Hindu Family Business. Limited Capital. Membership depends upon the births and deaths in the family. This leads to specialization and division of labour. Business Dominated by Male Members: This type of business is dominated by male members of the family.

The merits of a Joint Hindu Family Business are: Division of Labour: In a Joint Hindu Family Business. Close Contact with Employees: Close Contact with Employers: All kinds of wastages and undesirable expenses are also minimized which leads to economy.

Due to personal contacts with customers and employees a Joint Hindu Family Business enjoys goodwill in the market which helps in generating higher sales to the business.

Socially Desirable: It is socially desirable business as it looks after the interest of the disabled.

Flexibility of Operations: Efficiency and Economy: Minimum Government Regulatio n: He may not take risky but profitable business decision. Thus there is a possibility that the karta may misuse the authority vested in him.

Joint Hindu Family Business: Meaning, Characteristics and Advantages

Problem in Distribution of Profits:This joint worship passes from generation to generation. Thus helps to secure better cooperation from all the members. Bhavesh Sakaria. As all the works are divided among the members and it finish within a little time and the rest time is spent in leisure. In Joint Hindu Family Business, it is the natural love and affection which the members are having for each other.

When the business continues from one generation to another in a Hindu family it becomes a Joint Hindu Family Business. Nevil Surani. It provides healthy recreation to all its members.

It is a form of business organization which is jointly owned by all the members of a Joint Hindu Family It is form of business organization which is owned. The membership of the business is limited to the members of family only.

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