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Veritas NetBackupā„¢ Administrator's Guide, Volume I. Last Published: Product(s): NetBackup (). Platform: Linux,UNIX,Windows. Section I. Click the following link to see NetBackup Appliance documentation. NetBackup Self Service PDFs in a file. Release Notes. To see what services and tools SORT provides for your product, see the data sheet:

Media servers can also increase performance by distributing the network load. Media servers can also be referred to by using the following terms: Data movers when data is sent to independent, external disk devices like OpenStorage appliances. During a backup or archive, the client sends backup data across the network to a NetBackup server. The NetBackup server manages the type of storage that is specified in the backup policy.

During a restore, users can browse, then select the files and directories to recover. NetBackup finds the selected files and directories and restores them to the disk on the client.

Last Published: Product s: NetBackup 8. About NetBackup NetBackup provides a complete, flexible data protection solution for a variety of platforms.

NetBackup includes both the server and the client software as follows: Server software resides on the computer that manages the storage devices. NetBackup storage domain example.

NetBackup accommodates multiple servers that work together under the administrative control of one NetBackup master server in the following ways: Support Knowledge base NetBackup Documentation 8. Last Published: Product s: Was this content helpful? Yes No Rating submitted. Please provide additional feedback optional: Cancel Submit.

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Last Published: Yes No Rating submitted. NetBackup Documentation 8. The backups can be full or incremental: Was this content helpful?

Please note that this document is a translation from English, and may have been machine-translated. Media servers can also be referred to by using the following terms:

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