Sword Art Online 01 - centconmosazy.ga, May , M, application/pdf. Sword Art Online 02 - centconmosazy.ga, May , M, application/pdf. sword art online volume 1 - aincrad - Free ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or view presentation slides online. well, i couldnt find SAO TLed volume 1 - 6.(if you find those, upload the links in comments) anyway, here it is, SWORD ART ONLINE.

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Sword Art Online - Volume 02 - Aincrad (SAO Side Stories) [L1][Baka-Tsuki][SAO Archive].pdf, Dec , M. Sword Art Online - Volume 02 - Aincrad. Hi, at long last, I added V16 to the [archive](centconmosazy.ga). So I decided to create PDF's from every SAO related story I could find out. Art Models 4 Life Nude Photos for the Visual Arts by. Live Model Books. Find new Poses and Models Art Cambridge History of Christianity, Volume 9.

What gave Alice her power was but a new realization. I will fight to protect my sister, to protect my parents, and to protect this world that Kirito and Eugeo wanted to protect.

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Alice clearly felt the self-doubt and powerlessness deep within her heart slowly evaporate in white light. That white light spread all around her body, all converging at her right eye that was covered with a black bandage, generating intense heat. But that was a pain she seemed to have felt before and made her feel slightly sad. Alice grasped the bandage tied to her head and tore it off. She slowly opened the eye that had been closed for nearly half a year from that day.

Red light radially flooded her black vision and became a flickering flame. It created a double image with her left eye that captured the scene of endless burning homes, which dislocated and slowly disappeared— finally combining together. Alice looked with both eyes at the black fabric in her left hand. This eyepatch that had been repeatedly washed and was slowly losing color was something Kirito had made by tearing a strip off of his own clothes. This piece of cloth that had protected the right eye that had been blown away along with the seal for several months, had reached the end of its Life; it began to slowly disappear from end to end as though it were melting in the air.

Gazing at that ethereal yet beautiful sight, Alice realized it. In this half year, she had originally planned to protect and take care of Kirito, who had lost his right arm and spirit. But the one protected was herself.

I believe, from today on there will be all kind of confusion, frustration, and mistakes… but I will forge ahead. For you and for what I desire. Her two eyes fixed ahead of her saw nearly a hundred Goblins and Orcs, screaming and shrieking as one, swarming into the square.

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Alice, who had to confront the enemy alone, felt not the slightest bit of fear in her heart. As long as I am here, the blood and massacre that you desire will not be realized!!

Now return through the cave from whence you came! Immediately after, the tall orc in the middle of the formation who seemed to be the generals, swung its axe and let out a savage roar.

Even though it had not generated enough Thermal Elements to breathe out, but the mere sight of a flying dragon and a thunderous roar enough to scare the demihumans flew menacingly over their heads.

The troops, frightened by this, wavered even more than before. With a clear metallic sound, the golden blade split into countless small blades, dancing in the night sky as they reflected the fire.

The first one to be engulfed in a mist of blood was the self-proclaimed Orc general. His entire body was permeated by several bursts of flowers, wasting his entire Life away in an instant; he fell back onto the ground with a trembling crash. The surrounding Orcs screamed endlessly and keeled over. With another name of , it could split into hundreds of flower petals through the Armament Full Control Art, with each petal having enough power to go against a famous sword forged by a blacksmith.

It was certainly not stoppable by crude cast-iron armor. The main invading force that had lost its general in an instant was significantly less enthusiastic. The advancing vanguard slowed immediately and stopped within 10 Mel of the entrance to the square.

As the goblins at the very front were confused and unable to decide between desire and fear, Alice fiercely swung the sword hilt in her right hand. Hundreds of flower petals flew into the air softly and formed a finely patterned wall between Alice and the enemy. Choose— will you march forward and surrender under a sea of blood, or will you turn around and run back to the Land of Darkness!

Alice put her hand to her forehead, watching the faraway wheat fields, besides which rose Rulid Village. A week had passed since the attack by the Forces of Darkness. Extending from the northern homes, almost one fifth of the village had burnt down, but the village chief decided for everyone to temporarily pause their Sacred Tasks and change to manual labor, so reconstruction was proceeding very quickly.

Unfortunately, twenty one villagers had lost their lives because they were too slow during evacuation; a funeral had been held at the Church three days ago.

After Alice was invited to a ceremony, she immediately rode her dragon towards the Cave of the North to confirm. Within its depths, at the part nearest to the Dark Territory, Alice found evidence that there had been a long-term camp there.

The invaders could not have cleared the cave in one night. Apparently troops had been sent from the Dark Territory and then their pathway exploded behind them. When Integrity Knight Eldrie was checking that entrance, there were already goblins that had infiltrated the cave and began to clear the path. Before, neither goblins nor orcs would have scheme such a plan so thoroughly.

Just from this incident it could be determined that this time, the invasion from the Dark Side was not just a scouting mission like before. Once Alice left the cave, she did not immediately collapse the cave, but temporarily blocked the stream flowing out of the center of what used to be the White Dragon Nest, flooding the entire cave. Lastly, she released numerous Cryogenic Elements that she had set up, and used ice instead of rock to seal the cave.

This way, if neither Alice nor a Thermal Element user of the same caliber could melt the ice, there would be no way anyone could pass through that cave again.

I always felt that he had been preoccupied since this morning. Father is… really happy that nee-sama has returned. I think, then, I can definitely say it.

That day will definitely come. She raised her head and firmly wiped away her tears with the sleeve of her monastic robes.

She had considering leaving Kirito at the village with Selka. But Alice still decided to take him with her. On the night of the attack one week ago, Kirito had definitely wanted to take up his sword and enter the village. It was his nature to fight for others.

Then, the only thing that could bring back his heart was probably the battle to protect the Human World. If there is a change, even if she had to tie him to her back, she would protect him to the death. Alice tightly hugged Selka for the last time.

Be careful… Definitely come back, Nee-sama. Nodding deeply to her sister on the ground, she turned her eyes towards the faraway blue sky. Gently casting away the rope, the dragon ran with tremendous force in the wheat field, oblivious to the weight of the two people and three swords on its back. There will definitely be a day when she would return to this village. Even if she wasted away on the battlefield, her heart would remain the same.

Amayori rode the rising air current, twisting into the sky. The wide land and forests, with Rulid Village shining in their center, and the figure of Selka who was running and waving with all her might; she engraved them deeply into her eyes— Alice turned the head of the dragon towards the eastern sky.

ソードアート・オンライン 1: アインクラッド [Sōdo āto onrain 1: Ainkuraddo]

Chapter Attack on the Ocean Turtle — July 1 Even the self-proclaimed super genius Higa Takeru was unable to predict all that had happened in the past two hours. But, the current situation could be called extremely startling, and could only be described as dumbfounding. Unexpectedly, a delicate young woman of roughly eighteen or nineteen used her thin right hand to seize and hoist up the collar of a man fifteen centimeters taller than herself.

The tasteless Hawaiian shirt was gripped so tightly it was nearly torn apart; heels of sandals floated in the air. I will take responsibility: I will make sure Kirito-kun recovers. Finally, Asuna wordlessly released her right hand.

Kikuoka, having been freed, let out a long sigh with an almost dispirited expression. Asuna stepped back, swaying on the spot. Rinko gently wiped them away with the tip of her finger. The sound of the sliding door being opened tightened the slightly relaxed atmosphere again. Running into the room was Lieutenant Nakanishi.

See a Problem?

Complete sealing of blast doors one and two, plus completion of evacuating noncombatants are confirmed! How long can the blast doors hold?

Even using tip saws or similar tools to cut through it would take at least eight hours. But he immediately raised his head and surveyed the slightly small Auxiliary Control Room. Nakanishi, report of casualties.

Civilian research team, three lightly injured, in treatment at the bow infirmary. Our combatants, two heavily injured, two lightly injured, all in treatment with no risk of death. Ready for combat, six, including two lightly injured. The passageway from the dock to the Main Control Room is the same, but these are just negligible damages.

And its belly has been bitten by a shark. Zones One through Twelve of the Lower Shaft and the bottom dock have been completely taken. Striking us with a cruise missile or torpedo would do.

Sword Art Online – Volume 15: Alicization Invading

That begs the question: who are they… Higa-kun, what do you think? Although the video window he opened was dark and indistinct, he paused at a random place and adjusted the brightness and contrast.

What appeared were a number of figures in combat suits, sprinting forward in a passageway inside the ship. Their faces were half covered by helmets with multi-function visors, and they wielded serious-looking assault rifles.

How pleasing. Emitting a sharp aura from his calm eyes usually squinted, he looked up to the monitor. After their assault from the bottom dock, they immediately ran to the Main Control Room.

It seems that Command has classified us as hostages. But, all hands have retreated back here in an evacuation! The Nagato pulled away from the Ocean Turtle at eight in the morning, about six hours before that bunch broke in.

This is bad… If there are experts on the other side as well, they might find out. He, Kirigaya Kazuto, had been playing an important role since the beginning of Project Alicization, and drove the direction of the project even more so today. Please say it, the true situation. The image of the attackers disappeared and another window was opened.

What appeared was an irregularly flashing colorful stereoscopic image. Fortunately, he has managed to stay alive, but a portion of his brain… Specifically, his Fluctlight network, has been damaged. Although treatment would be difficult with current medical methods, there might be a chance of recovery if STL technology is used. He was not used at all to this kind of long explanation. If his Fluctlight cannot move around as though it were in the real world, the treatment would have no results.

Kirito-kun has been placed into the Underworld under his current real-world condition of Kirigaya Kazuto. How many months… inside…? Kiku-san, he was planning to request you to protect all of the Fluctlights. Since the Fluctlights belonging to the Church possess absolute status value, Kirito-kun, who was set as a common person, had no way to fight them.

Originally, shortly after he breaks into the Church, he would [Die], and log out of the Underworld… But he did it. Being attacked, we could not confirm detailed information from the logs, but we assume that he recruited some people, who of course are artificial Fluctlights… that is, the help of partners. In the fight against the Church, those partners nearly all died, and as a result, when he successfully opened a connection to here, he felt deep guilt.

It can be said that he attacked his own Fluctlight. In that instant, those black-clothed people cut the power line, creating a short-circuit that instantly spiked the STL output. What do you mean? Near the center of the irregularly flashing spectrum-colored cloud, a small puff of darkness like a dark nebula was cradled. The general mapping, however, has been completed. This black hole, what was originally in here, simply put, is the [Subject] …Self-Image.

Similarly, virtually no decisions can be made and no movements can be undertaken if they do not pass through this circuit. But, because the vital circuit has lost its function, no matter if it is processing external input, or outputting voluntary actions, it cannot be done.

For example, eating, sleeping, and related tasks. A member of the assault team, Vassago Casals, seemed unsatisfied with denting the wall two or three times, and forcefully crushed with his foot an empty candy box that a RATH technician had probably left tens of minutes ago, before finally stopping his stream of profanity.

As proof of the Spanish blood coursing through his veins, he ran a hand through his slightly wavy black hair, moved briskly to the console and seized the collar of the bulletproof jacket of his teammate with one hand.

His golden hair was trimmed very short, and his skin was snowy white as though ill. This man who wore a pair of rough metal-framed glasses was the only non-combatant in the team. A self-proclaimed internet criminal with an arrest record, with an internet name instead of a real name. But Vassago was the same. There were no parents on Earth who would name their son that. Although he was a man with a suspicious record lesser than that of Critter, his VR combat skills were quite outstanding.

Got it? If he tried hard enough, with his wild flair, he was handsome enough to be a successful fashion model, but he was quite frightening when enraged. Capturing the right timing, Gabriel snapped his fingers at the two men to attract their attention. Now we need to think about our next step.

To Gabriel, these kinds of ambiguous human relationships only based on emotions, such as friends orpartners, were only convoluted synonyms. Our final objective, the Light Cube Cluster or whatever, is on the other side of this metal wall, right? Behind wind goggle-like glasses, his light gray eyes narrowed. From infiltration to now, 40 minutes have passed. The next objective should be securing the Auxiliary Control Room… Brigg, can you cut through the blast door?

Seems to be the newest synthetic material. Only one stairway linked each floor to another, and the stairways existed in dungeons where large numbers of monsters roamed; so discovering and getting through was no easy matter.

With these conditions, the huge castle had been steadily conquered for a long time. Otherwise known as Yes, I know, silly question given my theoretical audience out there.

Nervgear enables people to see, hear, taste, smell and touch in a virtual environment, so everything they experience in a game will become realistic to them. Inside, there are millions of signal unites stimulating the brain and creating this virtual environment.

Otherwise known as Yes, I know, silly question given my theoretical audience out there. Nervgear enables people to see, hear, taste, smell and touch in a virtual environment, so everything they experience in a game will become realistic to them. Inside, there are millions of signal unites stimulating the brain and creating this virtual environment. Die in the game, and the VR helmets send an electric shock through your brain so you die in real life as well.

The only way out?Alice smiled as she thought so, and slowly entered the world of dreams. When you think about it like that, this fight is extremely unfair. That wasn't all. I believe, from today on there will be all kind of confusion, frustration, and mistakes… but I will forge ahead. The players who had squandered all their money in the beginning, who couldnt sleep or eat, usually joined the huge organization that I mentioned a while ago, The Army.

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